Smart choices you can make at home on world environment day

Every year we celebrate World Environment Day on the 5th of June and the UN Environment Programme. However, we need to be more responsible toward the environment and make smarter choices to save our planet and protect all its beautiful beings. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to do anything drastic to make an impact and change the environment. By simply making small and sustainable efforts, you can contribute to climate action.

Here are 5 smart choices that you can make at your home on this world environment day.

1. Switch to reusable bottles and straw

Plastic straws are highly wasteful! They not only create a big nuisance for the ocean but add on the local waste as well. Similarly, plastic bottles are bad for both your health and the environment. This calls for an urgent and conscious need to invest in cleaner and recyclable options.

These days, bamboo and metal straws are quite the rage among the pro-environment crowd. Similarly, glass, copper, and BPA-free bottles are better options. Maybe, you can order a pack on this momentous day and contribute to clean and sustainable living.

2. Remove all the single-use plastic containers

Did you know nearly 40% of the plastics used on Earth are single-use? This is why you need to decide to phase out using the containers made from single-use plastic and swap them with more sustainable alternatives. Some of the best options include – stainless steel boxes, glass containers, and mason.

3. Invest in an energy-efficient appliance

Appliances that consume less energy and have the potential to lower your electricity bills deserve your attention. They are not just good for your pocket but also for the environment and play a great role in conserving energy. Start with minor adjustments, maybe with LED light bulbs first.

4. Learn to make kitchen compost

This World Environment Day, put some effort into learning how to make and manage kitchen waste so that we can inch closer to zero-waste cooking sooner. Use the organic waste such

as vegetable peels, tea leaves, eggshells, fruits, etc., to make manure for your plants and herb garden.

5. Add a new plant to your collection

Indoor plants are great for purifying the air and uplifting a room’s ambiance. So, if you do not have enough space to grow a plant that occupies some space, you may consider bringing a small succulent or a potted plant home for the indoors.

Bonus: Educate your younger siblings or children

The best way to observe this day is by educating your loved ones about the importance of conserving the Earth and its natural resources. Start with watching a documentary that educates and reemphasizes the need why we must act now to protect the Earth and prevent the drastic repercussions of climate change.

So how do you plan on observing this World Environment Day? Do share your ideas and take a step towards a greener and happier environment.

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