4 Reasons you should celebrate World Senior Citizen’s Day with your Parents/ Grandparents

Every year, August 21 is celebrated as World Citizen’s Day; this year, we mark the 32nd year of it. The day is earmarked to recognize the contributions of the generation of our grandparents or parents who have made significant contributions to the world we live in and helped it advance in many different ways. However, the day also spreads awareness about the unjust issues the elderly face due to their flailing health and age.

On that note, let us look at the reasons why we should celebrate World Senior Citizen’s Day with our loved ones:

Reason 1: Our grandparents are the living embodiment of history

Our grandparents and parents have seen the world change, histories being made, and contributed to the same in their lifetime. Some have been leaders, influential business people, teachers, doctors, lawyers, sportspeople, valuable civic members, or personnel of law in their prime. Their efforts in building society and helping the people around them deserve acknowledgment and celebration.

Reason 2: They helped us become a better person

Because of the advice we received from our elders, we are able to navigate the different aspects of our lives with ease. The challenges and hard work they went through in their life when they moved to a new city, state, or country, started a new business, held demanding jobs, or raised large families are insurmountable, this is why their experience and wisdom are so valuable to us.

Reason 3: To acknowledge them

Celebrating them and honoring their presence is a great way to show them that they are a valued member of society. This allows us to felicitate them and makes our parents and grandparents feel respected and wanted.

Reason 4: To spread awareness

The number of cases of the elderly being abandoned by their families is significantly high. At an age when senior citizens need extra care, attention, and assistance, they are forced to fend for themselves, battling loneliness and age-induced diseases. While one day is not enough to speak

on the matter, picking up a dedicated day like World Senior Citizen’s Days is a start. Similarly, the conversation and awareness around the issue will also serve as a reminder about the contribution of the seniors to society, making the younger generation more appreciative of them.

Quick tips for celebrating World Senior Citizen’s Day with your parents or grandparents

1. Visit them if they live away from your place and spend the day with them, playing games or reminiscing about the old days.

2. Cook a delicious meal or take them out to their favourite restaurant.

3. Bring a thoughtful gift that will bring joy to them and make their everyday routine easier.

Besides these, you can also visit a local old age home and volunteer, help and interact with the residents.

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