3 Ways in Which You Can Contribute to Soil Conservation

Soil is an essential element that supports and helps continue life on our planet. Unfortunately, like other vital natural elements, soil also faces several threats that lead to soil erosion and quality degradation.

Excessive farming, uncontrolled usage of pesticides and herbicides, land and water pollution are some of the reasons behind it. This is why soil conservation has become the need of the hour.

You can contribute to conserve soil with very little effort on your part. Here are some simple ways of soil conservation that you can practice!

1. Opt for organic farming products

Reduce and manage your waste

Organic farming is one of the most acceptable ways of soil conservation, especially to maintain soil health, You can ensure that your actions are not contributing to soil erosion by choosing organic farming products.

The demand for organic food items and other products is on the rise nowadays. This is because it relies on green manure, biological pest control, compost and other eco-friendly farming techniques. Therefore, it does not affect your health adversely.

Organic farming also brings ecological biodiversity and prevents pests and plant diseases without affecting the soil quality.

2. Grow soil-saving plants

3 Ways in Which You Can Contribute to Soil Conservation

Perhaps the easiest and most effective way to improve overall soil health is by planting trees at home. Certain plants are specifically good for the soil. For instance, plants like peas, beans, etc., can absorb nitrogen from the air and release it into the soil, making it more fertile and healthy.

Without sufficient nitrogen in the soil, the plants wither and die.

3. Reduce and manage your waste

3 Ways in Which You Can Contribute to Soil Conservation

Poor waste management impacts our environment badly, including the soil. However, you can adopt some simple lifestyle changes like recycling, reusing and reducing to prevent land and water pollution which are main causes of soil degradation.

The proper management of waste can minimize soil contamination and improve the quality of soil.

Can you suggest more ways of soil conservation? Comment below!

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