The Impact of Social Media on Today’s Education System

The Impact of Social Media on Online Education System

There is no doubt that social media since its rise has changed how the world is communicating with each other. From family events to weddings, everything today is captured and posted on various social media channels. Social media has also had its effects on the way the education system all over the world works as well.

From online classes to weekly tests, everything today is conducted seamlessly via apps and online classrooms. Although many may say that this has caused a sense of addiction for kids and teens alike, that keeps them glued to the screens of phones, laptops and tablets for hours and hours.

Social media has also certainly added a spark of new light to how they learn, interact and socialize with their classmates online. Listed below are a few points that can help justify the same.

Seamless flow of information

Assignments to worksheets, important questions and points to remember, everything and anything today can be shared among classmates seamlessly online. This helps students get what they want, when they want, during their exams, vivas and such.

Social community

Social media platforms, besides being used only for communication, can also be used as a community for learning and discussions. A student can always log on to Facebook today and interact with his/her classmates and teachers and clear doubts, prepare for exams and work on projects seamlessly online.

Connect anytime from anywhere

Morning or evening, weekday or weekend, if you have a doubt or a query you need an answer for, from your friends, classmates or teachers, while you’re preparing for an exam, a test or a school project you can always log on and connect with them at any time and from anywhere hassle-free.

Learn important concepts on the go

If you are someone who enjoys learning concepts visually, social media is certainly the right place for you. From theorems in mathematics to laws in physics and chemistry, you can learn them all without a doubt from concept to concept in just a few hours.

Social media is a bank of knowledge, when children learn how to consume content posted online. They wouldn’t need to go from one book to another to learn more about topics they enjoy. They could just look it up and read, listen and watch on the go. Knowledge isn’t just limited to a few books, guides or worksheets, you can always find something to learn online.

On the other hand, social media can be a bad influence on your children, if they get addicted to their phones, and stay glued to them through the day and sleep late while playing games and watching videos on them through the night.

You can always add to the list and tell us how your children have benefited from the inclusion of social media in their education system. Have they been able to learn something new? Have their grades improved over time? Or are you still waiting for time to give you answers to these questions?

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