4 Tech ideas for future that can change the world

Humankind is currently witnessing several new experiences almost every day, thanks to the massive technological boom. With unprecedented growth in artificial intelligence, big data analytics, social networking, e-commerce and likes, the situation is getting smarter.  

Resultantly, people can get a glimpse of what the future holds in terms of technological advancement. Following are a few such tech ideas for the future that can change the world in big time.

Idea 1: Route for rechargeable aeroplanes

Both the automobile and aviation industries have been working towards reducing their carbon footprint for decades now. Still, we have long miles to go to achieve this goal. Starting from designing to incorporating futuristic technologies, a lot of transformations are necessary.

And why this needs to be fast because air travel is expected to double by 2031, considering the developing countries will prosper more. However, NASA is already thinking about how to improve fuel efficiency sustainably. For instance, short-range, small planes can be electric. Pipistrel, a Slovenian firm, has already developed an electric, four-seater plane that offers double mileage.

Idea 2: Use micromachines to fuel the world

Considering the rapid usage of fossil fuels, the reserves of non-renewable energy will not last long. Therefore, to make them last longer, we need to find better alternatives for power generation. In simple words, either we have to make them in laboratories or leverage natural power sources, which is more cost-effective and easier.

The most popular option we have and is gaining momentum is solar power. The solar industry is growing rapidly as a potent alternative to fossil fuels. You can already go off-grid, installing solar panels on the roof, drive a solar-power-charged car and likes.

Similarly, scientists are also experimenting with other micromachines to fuel the world.

Idea 3: Put displays on eyes

One of the tech ideas for future also includes facilitating smartphone usage. We all will agree that we spend considerable time on smartphones everyday, glued to its screen. It makes us prone to back pain due to constant bending to stare down the screen.

Thus, we need something which will show the information right in front of our eyes. Google already introduced the Google Glass prototype, the eyewear that displays information on a heads-up display, and only the wearer can see it.

However, the founder of Project Glass, Babak Parviz, suggested a better plan to eliminate the need for bulky glasses. He thinks about building a microsystem on a contact lens. Besides having the potential to augment reality, this lens will also monitor eye health.

Idea 4: Convert deserts into power plants

While we see arid places like Sahara or any desert as wastelands, they can be near-infinite power sources. In six hours of daylight, earth’s deserts absorb more energy than humanity consumes in a year. Imagine the amount of power we can generate by installing solar and wind plants in those deserts across the world without depleting the fossil fuel reserves.

Do you have tech ideas for future other than these? Comment below!

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