Best ways of teaching kids at home

As a parent, it is necessary for you to inculcate the value of studying regularly at home in kids. Whether you send your kids at school or decided to home-school them, tutoring at home is essential to make the learning process interesting and fun.

Besides, home tutoring helps greatly to develop a child’s personality. Thus, you need to know the best ways of teaching kids at home so that you can have their full attention and implement your lesson plans.

How to better tutor your kids at home

As we mentioned before, teaching kids at home is quite challenging, especially when they are younger. However, you can follow the tips below to make the process a little smoother!

1. Understand your kid’s learning capacity

As a parent, you must discover the learning style and capacity of your kids. It will help you make a tutoring session best suited for them. For instance, some children may prefer a hands-on approach, while others perform the best with occasional supervision and minimal intervention.

However, they need to practice and revise the lessons learnt for maximum retention in all cases.

2. Set an appropriate learning environment

While teaching kids at home, you need to provide them with the right setting for studying, free from any distraction. Designate a fixed place for studying with proper lighting, comfortable furniture and good ventilation.

Likewise, you should also invest in good supplies such as learning books word games so that they can learn and develop faster.

3. Curate a doable learning routine

Learning in a classroom and a living room is not the same. Thus it is important for you to make the right schedule to keep them committed and focused. Of course, there is no fixed schedule that fits all. You can make your own schedule as per your day-to-day commitments.

However, what is the most important is sticking to that schedule. If you want to start the lesson at 9 in the morning, you must not deviate from that time.

4. Focus on conceptual study

Since you are home tutoring your kids, it gives you immense scope to guide them in concept construction. Be it a complex mathematical principle or a scientific law, you can explain the concepts better with supporting learning tools and activities.

In the long run, it will facilitate your kid’s intellectual development.

5. Set up a reward system

Last but not least, appreciating your kids for completing a lesson or solving a difficult sum helps in a big way. Depending on your kid’s preference, reward them for good work, even if it is something small like their favourite cookie. It boosts their confidence and also encourages further studies.

Remember that every child is different, and therefore you need to keep experimenting with different techniques until you get one that works the best for him/her. At the same time, it is equally necessary to be patient while teaching kids at home, considering they have a very short concentration span.

How do you make your kids sit still while teaching them at home? Let us know in the comment section!

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