5 Superfoods for Summer Heat to Keep You Healthy

The mercury is rising in India as the summer is just around the corner. While it is the best time for pool parties and to travel to mountains, people often feel dehydrated and low energy, especially in arid areas! 

The good news is that Mother Nature has got us covered by gifting us some superfoods for summer. We can easily keep ourselves cool during the summer by making certain lifestyle changes and eating right.

1. Coconut Water

Superfoods for Summer Coconut Water

In summer, we tend to sweat like a pig! Consequently, we lose electrolytes and feel dizzy or drained out. Coconut water is a great way to restore the electrolytes essential for our body.  

It is easily available in the market at a reasonable price. Coconut water is also rich in minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. This natural beverage is low in calories and also beneficial for the heart, regulates blood sugar and helps boost kidney health.  

Likewise, the cytokinins in coconut water are also proved to be anti-cancer and anti-ageing. 

2. Watermelon

Superfoods for Summer Watermelon

It is one of the best fruits or superfoods for summer heat. Watermelon contains almost 92% of water which works great to replenish the water in the body. It is packed with different nutrients, including antioxidants and vitamins A and C.  

Besides keeping us hydrated during the scorching summer heat, watermelon is also effective for weight management due to its low-calorie density.  

Watermelons also help reduce inflammation, which causes several health issues if they persist longer.  

3. Cucumber

Superfoods for Summer Cucumber

The water percentage in cucumber is nearly 96%, making it a must for the summer diet. This is widely available in every nook and corner of the world, especially in a tropical country like India. Like watermelon and other superfoods for summer, cucumber helps regulate body temperature.  

Being rich in fibre, it is also effective to cure constipation. Vitamins like A and K are also present in cucumbers that are great for bone health, reproduction, immune system and many more.  

4. Curd 

Superfoods for Summer Curd

Curd or yoghurt is a natural probiotic dairy product, familiar in almost every household in India. The best part is that it can be made easily at home and used for several recipes. However, people love to make a drink (lassi) out of it in summer. 

The good active bacteria in curd lactobacillus fight the disease-causing germs, upkeep your gut health and improve immunity.  

The health benefit of curd is that cancer patients are also prescribed to consume it during chemotherapy.

5. Onion

Superfoods for Summer Onion

Only a few know the health benefits of onions and how it is a superfood to combat the summer heat. It has cooling properties, which helps keep the body temperature in check during summer, reducing the risk of sun-stroke.  

You can have it in multiple ways, in your salads, curries and likes. Especially, the red onions are packed with quercetin, a nature anti-allergen.   

What are your go-to superfoods for summer that helps you stay cool and energetic? Comment below! 

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