3 Reasons to watch Shark Tank India

Whether you are interested in entrepreneurship or the ‘the market,’ Shark Tank India will amuse you and keep you glued to the screen. You must be wondering how Sony Entertainment Television, typically with its saas-bahu audience, is talking about ‘pitches’ and ‘equity’ while all its viewers are discussing gross margins and net profits?  

Well, given the change in the mindset of the Indian audience and the discussions around IPOs, the mahaul was quite ready. From the first episode, the show was a hit, and the reasons behind it are below:  

1. A Business Reality Show – First ever in India

Shark Tank India is a platform in reality show format for aspiring entrepreneurs. They come to this show and showcase their business model in front of a panel of judges or eminent entrepreneurs, also called ‘sharks’. After analysing the pitches, the sharks choose to (or not to) invest in them.  

The show has drama, build-up, and suspense that keep audiences glued to screen. Most importantly, while most reality shows have some level of histrionics and show unwarranted tears, Shark Tank India offers a fresh breath of air minus melodrama. Without being overly dramatic, it contains enough banter to keep us entertained.  

For instance, you will thoroughly enjoy the sharks quarrelling over expertise and deals and the repartee between contestants and sharks.

2. No Business Jargon and complicated math-y things

Even if you are a finance noob, this show is still for you and will make sense to you completely. Generally, all the numbers statistics are presented via visually attractive graphics ensuring more convenience.  

Interestingly, when an uncommon term related to business crops us, the show is paused, the fourth wall is broken, and a judge turns to viewers and explains it in simple words. It is a great speciality of this show which ensures that the audiences from different walks of life can easily comprehend the situation and stay informed.

3. The Relatable contestants share interesting ideas

Budding entrepreneurs across the country participate in this show and reveal their unique business ideas. The products they introduce on this platform is also something you can relate to. Moreover, the contestants are also ordinary people like us. Therefore, you can connect better with them and their dreams and often make you root for them.  

Similarly, you also get a sense of satisfaction when your favourite contestants of an episode manage to convince the shark(s) and get an investment. These are the moments that make Shark Tank India a feel-good watch for its viewers.   

Have you watched all the episodes of Shark Tank India yet? Let us know in the section below! 

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