4 Family Republic Day Celebration Ideas

Republic day is right around the corner and having grand outdoor celebrations are not the most viable option given the current scenario. But does that mean you let go of the holiday completely? Of course not. Here are some fun Republic Day celebration ideas that will cheer you up. 

4 Family Republic Day Celebration Ideas

Want to find out what they are? Let’s take a look: 

1. Organize a family cultural program

Even when you cannot go out, the family and close friends cultural program is always a great way to celebrate. You can dress up the little ones as freedom fighters and make them recite patriotic poems or sing songs. 

You could also ask them to learn more about the leader they are dressing as and talk about their lives. It is one of the best family Republic Day celebration ideas that can help you combine learning and fun!

2. Flag hoisting

If you are looking for family Republic Day celebration ideas, flag hoisting should be on your list. Whether you choose to hoist it in your drawing room or on the roof of your building, that’s up to you.

You can follow it up with a patriotic movie marathon and celebrate Republic Day like never before.

3. Arrange a game event

Since getting bored on Republic Day is not an option, why not have fun with everybody with a gaming event! You can pick online games like Pictionary or Taboo or choose board games at home with your kids.

The choices are limitless – from Scrabble to Chess or Monopoly, you pick what allows you to have the most amount of fun!

4. Prepare a spread

Nothing says celebration like food, and why should Republic Day have to be any different. From tricolor halwa to barfis, cakes, and more – all you need is to add layers of food coloring to your recipes, and voila! Your patriotic-themed dining spread is ready. Here’s a YouTube link for a few recipes.

These are our family Republic Day celebration ideas. Got a few of your own? Please share it with the community in the comments section below!

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