Outdoing Referral Experiences with

Refer and earn* on every successful referral

An Initiative by Gera Developments

Managed by Reloy

*The referral amount differs from project to project

Club Outdo believes in outdoing the benchmarks of community building. This is why every member has the opportunity to enable their loved ones to find their dream spaces and get rewarded up to ₹ 2 lacs on every successful referral. At Gera Developments, we believe that happiness multiplies when it is shared. Here’s a look at how easy your referral journey will be.

Making Referrals easy

To enrich your referral experience, we have designed a seamless journey for you:

Refer your loved
one to us

Wait for them to complete
property booking and registration

Receive your referral reward
within 30 days from registration

Go on, introduce your loved ones to the world of Gera

Reward opportunities

Earn Referral Benefits Up To ₹ 2,00,000*