6 Ways to Reduce Your Child’s Screen time

Today’s growing generation has easy access to technology and are surrounded by smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Also, the pandemic has increased their screen time drastically with online classes, and there is no way to discount that. 

While being tech-friendly is excellent, as parents, the struggle is to ensure that they are not dependent on devices and try to reduce your child’s screen time.

In today’s blog, we will address what you can do to reduce their device dependence and ensure that they make judicious use of technology. 

1. Make tech-free zones at home

reduce your child's screen time

Recently, a study released by the US National Institutes of Health revealed that even two hours of regular screen time could be detrimental for children and might affect their thinking and language development skills. However, children are already attending several hours of online classes.  

To avoid any further tech dependency, you can create zones in your home where gadgets are not allowed. These should be places where your child spends a substantial amount of their leisure. Some good areas to implement this rule and reduce your child’s screen time would be their bedroom or the dining space.

2. Schedule a gadget routine

reduce your child's screen time

Everyone who has grown up in the 90s probably had a timetable to play TV video games or PC games. You can do the same to your children as well.   

Set a schedule of when they are allowed to use their gadgets. This could be when you relax by watching TV or playing games, allowing you to monitor your children’s content and reduce your child’s screen time.

3. Be active with your children

reduce your child's screen time

Bad habits can only be replaced with good ones. Therefore, if your kid has become increasingly dependent on gadgets, the best way to reduce your child’s screen time is to engage them in other activities.  

You can consider group engagement like board games, gardening, art, and craft, or activity boxes focused on improving your child’s critical thinking abilities.

4. Encourage them to read books

reduce your child's screen time

Probably the best habit you can instill in your children is reading books. Start with picture-heavy interactive books that get them interested. Read them your favorite stories before bedtime to stimulate their imagination more often.   

Also, you can read books in front of them since children tend to follow adults. Reading books is probably one of the best alternatives that will help you reduce your child’s screen time constructively.

5. Let them know how excessive screen time can harm them

reduce your child's screen time

Often parents make the mistake of scaring their children with made-up stories or disciplinary action. However, children are very smart and receptive to communication. Therefore, if you want to reduce your child’s screen time, a good way would be to let them know why it is terrible.   

If you tell them how it affects their eyesight or prevents them from becoming more innovative, they will listen to the voice of reason. Just make sure you explain simply enough.

6. Set an example

reduce your child's screen time

Like we already discussed, children are influenced by the adults around them. Therefore, if you are looking to reduce your child’s screen time, make sure you are not always hooked to your phone, tablet, or laptop.   

Always have a precise set-aside time. Tell them that you are working on these gadgets and they too can only use them for work. At other times, engage them with games and other family activities, or take them for a walk in the park.  

Follow these six suggestions, and you too can reduce your child’s screen time and their dependence on gadgets. It is very important to do so now, considering how their daily screen time has increased because of online classes and tutoring. And if you have advice for the other parents of the Club Outdo community, then share it in the comments section below.

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