4 Protein Rich Smoothie Recipes to help keep your children healthy

We have all realized the importance of staying healthy over the past year. But it is often difficult to give our children a balanced and nutritional diet simply because they don’t like how some of the ingredients taste.  

Try out these four protein rich smoothie recipes so you balance the taste while keeping it packed with nutrition.

1. Nuts and Seeds Protein Smoothie

Nuts and seeds are essential for a balanced diet. They are a rich source of protein and other nutrients like DHA, which is extremely important for a child’s brain development. However, getting them to eat a sufficient portion of these is a task.   

Don’t worry, here’s one of the easiest nuts and seeds protein rich smoothie recipes. You can make the tasty blend for your children by following the tutorial and hit their nutrients quota for the day:

2. Sattu Protein Smoothie

Sattu is an Indian protein made from grinding roasted baby chickpeas into powder. It has numerous benefits for the body but often gets rejected by our young ones for its bland taste. It’s a source of high protein and fiber and has cooling properties to help tackle Indian summers.   

Now you can follow one of the tastiest Sattu protein rich smoothie recipes and get your children to enjoy all its unique goodness:

3. Banana Smoothie

Some kids often avoid bananas because of the monotony. However, banana is rich in energy, protein, and fiber. It also helps keep your children’s gut healthy, which can be one of the major concerns for many parents.   

You can make bananas tastier with one of the simplest protein rich smoothie recipes:

The recipe might have added ingredients like Chia seeds, but these are to make the smoothie more interesting and can be missed out. Feel free to use any children’s energy drink instead of protein powder.

4. Oats Smoothie

Oats is probably the most challenging cereal option to get your kids to try. However, many children’s cereals are high in processed sugar and not very good for health. Blend up oats into a yummy protein smoothie to give your children a healthy start in the morning:

While peanuts and amla are lesser used smoothie ingredients, they do add a unique taste and tons of benefit for your children.

These are our four protein rich smoothie recipes to keep your children fit and healthy. However, you too can try these homemade smoothie recipes and bring the right changes to your diet.   

In the comments below, let us know which ones you liked and share your own homemade protein rich smoothie recipes with the community.  

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