How to Promote Personality Development in Childhood?

Over the years, the ways of the world have changed. Now, the focus is not just on merit when it comes to achieving success. Research has shown that personality development in childhood is key to one’s achievements in adulthood.  

However, most of our early years are devoted to learning, so very little is done to teach us the best way to learn. Each individual has different personality traits and focusing on honing their individual strengths can be much more productive.    

Here are a few tips you can use to promote personality development in childhood:

1. Encourage independence

It is common among Indian parents to try and assist their children all the time. If unchecked early, this habit can discourage independence and a sense of self in them.   

According to expert psychologists, while it is important to be nurturing and caring, one must allow their children to slowly understand simple responsibilities to promote personality development in childhood.

2. Allow free playtime

It has been found that free play and sports are some of the best exercises for kids. It teaches them teamwork, sharing, caring, resilience, and other critical soft skills.   

Free play forms an integral part of personality development in childhood. It prepares kids for success way more than we can imagine. So, give up that urge to curb free play.

3. Stay away from labeling your children

One of the common mistakes that many parents make is labeling their children for certain behaviors. Calling them names like ‘naughty,’ ‘good-for-nothing,’ ‘incompetent,’ or any other similar name can create limitations around their personality.   

Children often start associating themselves with these words, which hinders them from taking the necessary corrective measures. This becomes especially true during adolescent years when most boys and girls go through a ‘rebel’ phase. During this time, you must model yourself as an understanding parent and an excellent listener to promote personality development in childhood.

4. Be a learner

Children model their parents’ behavior. If you want to teach them a lasting life lesson, then there are very few more effective ways than to do it yourself. It is often taught to children that learning has no age. However, in the practical life around them, that is often very far from the truth.   

If you want to promote personality development in childhood, make sure you have a learning process for life that your children can witness. Pick up new things and start learning with them. This will create trust and a bond between you two and exhibit that it is never too late to be better.

5. Create the right opportunities

Success does not come from merit alone; it also comes from opportunities. So, if you are looking to approach personality development in childhood holistically, you might need someone to show you the way.   

Some of the factors that significantly influence the personality in the formative years are:   

• Decoding their individual learning method to unlock their full potential 
Strengthening their emotional and mental muscles.
• Mastering their inner courage, confidence, creativity, and commitment.   

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