6 Ways to Reduce Your Child’s Screen time

Today’s growing generation has easy access to technology and are surrounded by smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Also, the pandemic has increased their screen time drastically with online classes, and there is no way to discount that.  While being tech-friendly is excellent, as parents, the struggle is to ensure that they are not dependent on devices and try to reduce your child’s screen

4 Protein Rich Smoothie Recipes to help keep your children healthy

We have all realized the importance of staying healthy over the past year. But it is often difficult to give our children a balanced and nutritional diet simply because they don’t like how some of the ingredients taste.   Try out these four protein rich smoothie recipes so you balance the taste while keeping it packed with nutrition. 1. Nuts

5 Best Travel Movies that will make you fall in love with adventure

Planning an actual vacation may still take some time until people are fully vaccinated, and all tourist attractions are open. Till then the only way to experience something similar is by putting your vacation hat on and catching up on the best travel movies ever made. We have curated a binge list for you to virtually enjoy these scenic frames! 1. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani What are the best travel

8 Daily Practices for a sustainable Environment that you should follow

As residents of the blue planet, it is part of our duty to ensure that we encourage daily practices for a sustainable environment. While technology will make life increasingly easier, we too must put in some effort to ensure that our new lifestyles do not harm the generations to come.    With

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