5 Best Indoor Games for a fun time with your family/children

Keeping yourself busy throughout the day while staying at home can be exhausting! But not if you try your hand at the best indoor games on a game night with your family and kids.    So, if you are ready to leave the monotony behind and enjoy a fun family evening, we have curated a list of 5 best indoor games you

7 Alien Movies that will make you wonder about their existence

Alien movies will always be fascinating for people who like to imagine the unknown. From stories of people being taken by flying saucers to storming secret military bases searching for extra-terrestrial life, the alien-hunting folklore is rich with incidents.    However, most of it is probably assumptions. Nevertheless, sometimes movies about life from other planets can be an exciting watch. Here’s

Popular Indian Harvest Festivals and where they are celebrated

The richness of India lies in its diversity of cultures and people. And yet, in spite of the many differences, each come with striking similarities.   Today, we are looking at some of the harvest festivals that are celebrated in our country. Each of these festivities are a call for the celebration of Spring’s bounty.  

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