How to prepare for the next wave of COVID?

We have all been facing unprecedented disruption in the pandemic since late March 2020. While there have been silver linings and vaccination drives on a colossal scale, the virus has been able to adapt time and again to come in waves and disrupt everyday life.

How do we prepare for the next wave of COVID?

It is not easy to determine when cases will rise again, and chances of being infected will shoot up. The only thing we can do is remain cautious without ultimately holding back on our daily lives.

1. Maintain COVID protocols

According to the data, the average duration of the third wave in top countries will be around 98 days. It is likely to peak at almost two times the second wave numbers. However, gene mutations of the virus can change such calculations.

Therefore, if we want to avoid another wave, the best way to do so will be to maintain COVID protocols whenever we visit outside. Wearing masks, washing hands, and social distancing will become the basis of prevention for the next wave of COVID.

2. Get vaccinated

Poliomyelitis was a life-threatening disease caused by the poliovirus that can claim the life and mobility of many throughout India.

However, the country could eradicate the virus with its vaccination drive over the years as the government-supported immunization that penetrated deep into India’s heartland.

When fighting any disease, immunization is the best way to prevent aggravation of symptoms, even an infection. Therefore, we should make that we are fully vaccinated before the next wave of COVID.

3. Focus on personal health

Apart from immunization, personal health will play a big part in helping you build strong immunity. This means a balanced diet, a healthy exercise routine, good sleep, and plenty of water and other nutrients.

These will fortify our health from falling weak if we are infected and help us fight the battle with less effort during the next wave of COVID.

4. Prepare resources

During the last wave of COVID, we saw that being unprepared could give us problems. Therefore, we must have the bare minimum resources at our disposal. It should include having an oximeter at home and personal oxygen aerosol containers.

If any of your aged or comorbid members have fallen sick, you can always supplement their health. Also, adding rapid antigen tests to the list will help you determine to some degree whether you are positive or not.

Following these protocols will prepare you well for the next wave of COVID, and you will not be caught off-guard with rising cases. Ensure you avoid crowded areas and abide by government circulars to ensure that you do not get infected!

If you have similar suggestions that will be helpful to your community during the next wave of COVID, mention them in the comments section below!

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