3 Monsoon Decor Ideas to Give Your Home a New Look

That time of the year has arrived when it’s raining cats and dogs outside, and you drop your work and curl on a couch with a book and a cup of piping hot tea!

While the constant pitter-patter makes you want to snuggle, the gloomy weather can often make you sad. Here are some ideas to spruce up your home to keep the gloom at bay.

1. Add a pop of colour

3 Monsoon Decor Ideas to Give Your Home a New Look

Monsoon means gloomy grey skies; after a point, your home also starts feeling dull and colourless. But you can enliven your home by adding a hint of colour. Psychologically, colours are proven to uplift our mood and make us happy!

However, it does not mean you have to give your home a fresh coat of paint. You can change your cushion covers and rugs in bright colours. Likewise, you can also swap your beige, grey and pastel shades with citrus, tangerine, pink and yellow!

Besides furnishing, you can also get a daily dose of colours by keeping fresh, colourful flowers and lush green plants indoors. They will compliment your Monsoon special home decor!

2. Switch to sheer dressing for windows

3 Monsoon Decor Ideas to Give Your Home a New Look

The moisture level in the air remains very high during Monsoon. Thus, it is time to let go of the heavy draperies. Instead, invest in lightweight sheer fabrics for your home curtains.

Materials like Jute, velvets and cotton trap the moisture from the air and make your home musty. Hence, if you use sheer curtains, it looks stunning and also allow the sunlight to enter your room.

These are available in different colours, and you can pick one that suits your home’s colour palette. Since these curtains are lightweight and made with quick-dry materials, you can wash them frequently, and they do not need ironing.

If the sheer curtains look too simple, you can also amp up the look by adding a nice curtain tieback or hanging crystal strings on the top of the curtains for pretty layering.

3. Keep perfumed candles and diffusers handy

3 Monsoon Decor Ideas to Give Your Home a New Look

While looking for Monsoon decor ideas, you need to understand that a beautiful home not only looks good but also smells amazing throughout the year. However, in Monsoons, keeping your room smelling fresh is challenging.

A high humidity level and the moldy and musty smell of rain can turn your mood off. There comes the need for scented candles! You can place these candles and other decor items on a beautiful tray.

It will serve as a centerpiece and also keep the room smelling good. Besides scented candles, you can also place a diffuser in your living room, bedroom and bathroom. The smell of refreshing aroma oils used in the diffuser will enliven your mood.

Depending on your preference, you can choose from a large collection of fragrances such as vanilla, jasmine, lavender, etc. You can also place an aesthetically pleasing bowl and pour some potpourri for a natural home fragrance.

Do you approve of these simple monsoon decor ideas? Comment below!

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