6 Ways in which meditation leads to a better life

Improving the quality of life is one of the major concerns in modern times. However, it is easier said than done. A better life comes from a work-life balance, proper nutrition, exercise, and rest. There is no shortcut to having a more enriching living experience.    

Nevertheless, implementing changes to optimize every facet needs a lot of work. It only becomes possible when you are mentally focused enough to handle stress and bring constructive alterations.    

Meditation can be the foundation of your awareness and preparedness to live a more fulfilling life. In this blog, we will find out six ways in which meditation leads to a better life.

1. Promotes emotional health

Few meditation forms have been known to improve self-image and help you have a more positive perspective. A review of 3500 adult patients found out that meditating can benefit symptoms of depression.    

separate study found that when people meditate regularly, they have fewer negative thoughts. Meditation has been observed to positively affect the brain’s chemical composition by reducing the release of inflammatory chemicals like cytokines.

2. Raises self-awareness

There are a few types of meditation that allow an increased understanding of oneself. A good example would be self-inquiry meditation, which helps people raise self-awareness.    

Various forms of meditation also focus on reducing and controlling self-doubt to help you become your best version. A study conducted by a mindfulness app found out that around 153 adults using it overcame challenges and had greater awareness. 

3. Improves attention span

One of the ways in which meditation leads to a better life is by improving your attention span. Today the internet has us distracted all the time, which is why it is so hard for us to put the phone down and focus on something.    

However, with regular meditation practice, one can increase the strength and duration of their attention span.    

Meditating for a mere 13 minutes every day can increase memory and attention after eight weeks.

4. Meditation makes us kinder

Loving and kindness meditation practice is a specific type that helps practitioners become kinder and more accepting towards themselves and others. Through practice, one can extend their compassion to their families, friends, acquaintances, and even people they do not get along with.    

This type of meditation leads to a better life by helping us move on from our past experiences and give life a new chance to make us happier and more fulfilled. 

5. Helps in de-addiction

Meditation improves mental discipline and fortitude that has been found helpful in getting rid of addictions and break dependencies.    

It helps people redirect attention away from addictive behaviours. It also helps in managing impulses and emotions by letting you understand the causes behind them.

6. Improves pain threshold

The perception of pain is related to our minds, and we might feel elevated discomfort under stress. However, because meditation leads to a better life, it helps you feel reduced discomfort caused by pain.    

Many studies have shown that while the causes of pain between meditators and non-meditators are similar, the former are less affected.    

These are the six real-life, researched backed ways in which meditation leads to a better life. If you don’t meditate, now might be a good time to start and find out how it can improve yours. 

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