Know Your City: 6 Amazing Facts about Pune

Home to the erstwhile mighty Maratha empire, Pune or Poona, as it was known earlier, is a new age cosmopolitan city today. But like any other place with a rich cultural past and present, there are several things about the city that might not be common knowledge.   

To change that a bit, we bring you six amazing facts about your home city that you probably did not know before. And if you do, then don’t forget to share this and spread the trivia with your folks.

1. Pune gets its name from Punya

Pune has had many names before, including Punaka Desha, Punevadi, and Kasba Pune derives its terms from the word Punya.   

The city is situated on two rivers, Mula and Mutha. The word Punya translates to the confluence of two rivers. Fascinating right?

2. Badminton or Poona?

Very few citizens know that the game of badminton was earlier called Poona. This happened because the colonial rules invented the sport in India and drew up its first rules in Poona in 1873.   

For an initial period after invention, the court game was the city’s namesake.

3. Standing for women empowerment since 1848

Savitribai Phule and Fatima Begum founded the first girls’ school at Bhide-Wada in Pune. The school was named after Tatya Rao Bhide, who built the school on his property. For more than 170 years since Pune has empowered women and children and is called the Oxford of the East.

4. The National Defense Academy

Located in Khadakwasla near Pune, the NDA or National Defense Academy is the armed forces’ joint academy. It was the first in the world to start training all the forces, the air force, the army, and the navy together.   

The compound is so huge that it has around 32 football fields!

5. Home to all Indian films

Pune, which is home to the Film and Television Institute of India, is also home to its archives with the first copies of all films from the Indian film industry. Imagine the national treasure that is in there!   

This institute is also the alma mater of stalwarts like Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, Mithun Chakravarty, and many others.

6. Model of economic balance

The city of Pune has one of the highest per capita incomes and has the lowest difference of the average incomes of the rich and the poor. This makes the city a symbol of excellence in inclusive development.   

Enjoyed our six amazing facts about Pune? Let us know in the comments below. And if we have missed any points that you know about the city, share them.

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