Know Your City: 6 Amazing Facts about Goa

Beaches, shacks, sand, and coconut trees – those are the images that come to us when we hear Goa. But the state is a lot more than that. It has immense historical significance and there’s a lot more to learn about it than the best party destinations. Whether it is your favorite vacation destination or your actual residence, here are six amazing facts about Goa that you probably did not know.

1. One of the greenest states

Goa is one of the greenest states with a lot of green cover throughout the region. In fact, 3/4th of Goa is said to be covered in forests. So, while most of your Goa dreams may be made of sandy beaches and sunny weather, there is more than meets the eye.   

The state also has rich biodiversity owing to 20% of its area being covered by the mighty Western Ghats. There are several indigenous animals and rare species like giant squirrels, mongoose, macaques, and slender loris.

2. The smallest state in India

Compared to its peers, Goa occupies the least amount of area within the region of India. The state covers an area of 1429 square miles, and its coastline alone stretches along for 99 miles. However, despite its small size, the state is home to many natural and historic attractions, which is why it is the most favored tourist destination for Indians and foreigners.

3. Portugal ruled it for almost 450 years

During the early 16th century, Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama landed on its shore. If you visit the capital Panaji, you can witness the magnificent Portuguese colonies and churches.   

Since the Portuguese ruled the state for over 400 years, its cuisine has been influenced by its culture. Goan cuisine is a haven for foodies! You can also catch a glimpse of the magnificent Portuguese architecture in the Latin quarters of Fontainhas in Old Panjim.

4. Goans celebrate two independence days

Even though the rest of India got its independence on 15th August 1947, Goa’s Portuguese colonizers refused to let the state go. After much pressure from Goa and the Government of India, the Portuguese governor finally surrendered on 19th December 1961. After which, the state of Goa became an integral part of India.

5. Ornithophile’s Paradise

One of the amazing facts about Goa are that there are six different bird conservation areas in the state. These include the famous Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in Central Goa and Cotigao wildlife sanctuary in South Goa.   

Several rare birds like the Long-billed Vulture, Great Pied Hornbill, Darter Asian Fairy Bluebird, and Indian Skimmer are found in the state, making it a paradise for bird-lovers.

6. Highest NSDP per capita income in India

Goa has the highest NSDP (net state domestic product) per capita income in the country. Net state domestic product is the state version of net domestic product.  

Simply put, it means: 

Gross state domestic product – depreciation of capital goods in state = net state domestic product.  

This makes Goa one of the most prosperous states to live in and also provides plenty of opportunities for its residents.   

We are sure that our amazing facts about Goa have now changed the images your mind. There is so much more to this beautiful state than it is popularly known for. Think we missed something?   

Mention your astonishing Goa trivia in the comments section below.

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