5 Habits That Promote Kidney Health (World Kidney Day)

Kidney diseases in India are on the rise, primarily due to lack of awareness among the people and most of the time, they remain undiagnosed. Thus, to promote kidney health and increase awareness, 10th March is celebrated as World Kidney Day every year! 

While people with diabetes, family history and hypertension are more prone to kidney disorder, others suffer from renal diseases due to poor lifestyle, unhealthy diet and sheer negligence.  

However, following some simple times, you can ensure kidney health and overall well-being.

1. Check and regulate blood sugar

As we mentioned before, diabetics or people with high blood sugar are likely to develop kidney diseases. In diabetes, the body cells cannot use the sugar or glucose that we get from food. Therefore, it leads to a high sugar level in the blood, and the kidneys need to work harder to filter the sugar from the blood.  

Over the years, the excessive exertion of kidneys leads to severe damage to these organs. However, if you control the blood sugar with regular medication and the treatments prescribed by doctors, you can maintain good kidney health 

2. Eat healthy and stay fit

Obese people with unhealthy food habits often suffer from chronic kidney problems. It not only affects the kidneys but also leads to heart diseases and diabetes. Avoid food items like processed meats, canned food, and instant premade food to manage kidney health 

Besides a balanced diet, you should also exercise regularly to stay active and fit. It lowers the risk of higher blood pressure and improves heart health. Both are essential to prevent kidney diseases.

3. Drink sufficient water and fluid

Having 8 to 10 glasses of water a day keeps us hydrated and ensure good kidney health. Sufficient water intake helps remove sodium and other toxins from the kidneys, keeping it healthy.  

Although how much water your body needs depends on factors like your age, climate, gender, physical activity and other conditions, try to drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day. However, people with kidney disorders should consult the doctor to determine their regular water intake.  

4. Limit alcohol consumption

Drinking excessive alcohol or ‘hard liquor’ has an adverse effect on most of your organs, including kidneys. One or two drinks occasionally usually do not have serious effects. However, more than 4 drinks regularly impose a higher risk of kidney diseases.  

Heavy drinkers have double the risk of developing acute kidney diseases in the long run as the damage occurs slowly. The situation worsens if you are already on medications or have pre-existing health conditions.

5. Avoid smoking

Smoking is injurious to health as it damages blood vessels of our body. Consequently, the blood flow gets slower, and it cannot reach every part of the body, including kidneys.  

Smoking also increases the risk of kidney cancer. Although quitting smoking lowers the risk, it takes years to reach the risk level of a non-smoker.  

How frequently do you get your kidney health check-up done? Let us know in the section below!

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