Ideas for unique playdates for your children

We all know what playdates are. They’re especially important to help children to interact, learn and play with other children their age. And while it can extend for a few hours, it’s an exciting and fun time for children as well as for parents Here are some ideas to plan your children’s first play date.

5 Ideas for unique playdates for your children

● Cooking spree

Cooking spree blog image

Cooking shows today can inspire every member of a family alike. Children of all ages are interested in greasing their hands to create masterpieces in their kitchens. You, as a parent, can use this to your advantage and plan your next play date for your child in your kitchen. The process of giving life to their favourite dishes can turn out to be a fun time for them.

● Movie night

Movie night

If your kid likes to watch movies, you can always plan a movie marathon for your children and their friends. You can add movies from different genres, languages and more to make the experience a little more exciting, fun and memorable.

● Game night

Game night

Every play date gets lit when the fun and interactive games are played to create an aura of excitement around the room. Make a list of a few interactive games online and use them one by one to make your children’s playdate memorable. You can always make the game ambience-specific depending on where the playdate is.

● Dance party

Dance party

Children of every age enjoy singing and dancing,. You can create a special playlist to help your kid interact with more people of their age by planning a dance night for your kid in their next playdate.

● Quiz and puzzle meet

Quiz and puzzle meet

The process of answering every question or putting every piece together is an exciting task. At the end, when your children win the quiz session or place the last piece of the puzzle, the smile they would have on their faces is truly unimaginable for every parent.

Other options may be a food-eating contest, drawing competition, candle-making events, beatboxing classes, arts and crafts night, and card games evening to bring out your children’s creative and innovative spirit.

You can always add to this list if you have other interesting ideas. On the other hand, you can also make another entirely different list to make for exciting interactions for your kids. Let us know which of the above options made for a fun play date for your children, and mention the same in our comment section.

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