How to Celebrate a Safe Holi in 2021?

The festival of colours is knocking at the door and 2021 celebrations are going to have different circumstances.

Does that mean you cannot relive the spirit of this joyous Spring festival?

Not necessarily. In fact, it’s a great opportunity to get creative and give the celebrations a whole new, 2021 spin.

1. Send seasonal greetings

While the pandemic may have foiled your travel plans, thoughtfulness can still go a long way.

Go old-school and send your friends and family afar season greetings with sweets, flowers, gifts, and some colour, to cheer them up.

Add a note to let your loved ones know that celebrations are always a video call away.

2. Hold a video call party

The pandemic has surely gotten everyone tech savvy!

Just like the rest of the year, this time too video calls might come to your rescue. Just schedule a video call with your family and close friends with Holi snacks and beverages.

Relive the good ol’ days and share your happy Holi memories with each other.

3. Host a games and talent night

If you live in a joint family and will miss all the celebrations this year, then here’s a fun house-party idea for you!

Have fun with games, karaoke, and cards; pick a theme and make sure the gang dresses up for it, then schedule a live party on your social media (Facebook Live or Instagram Live) and get your extended family to join in the fun too.

The options are numerous and setting an itinerary will take only a few moments!

4. Throw a Holi Watch party

So, what if you can’t celebrate Holi with the squad?

Coming together with your family and friends for a watch party on Amazon Prime Video or Netflix could be the party you need.

Experience a get-together feeling while you play your favourite binge list for everyone to watch. Fun is never farther than a little tweaking!

5. Get into the Holi mood with Gera’s newest Insta filter

Try it on here  (Try now from your phone 😉) it’s just what you need to get into the colour-splash mood.

We hope you have a wonderful, safe and memorable Holi 2021. Got some creative ideas of your own? Drop it in the comments section below to share it with your community.

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