3 Reasons why it is a great idea to grow plants at home

Do you want to grow a kitchen garden at home, but it looks like a lot of work? It is only partially true! You may have to give some time, but growing plants at home is fun and, at the same time, rewarding.

Growing plants at home are cost-effective and fill your leisure with pleasure. Here are the top 3 reasons why growing plants at home is a great idea!

1. Good for ecology

Good for ecology

Plants at home have great ecological benefits. You can grow plants in your backyard or garden and make the soil healthy. Keeping plants indoors also helps purify the air naturally, and they are good for aesthetics. The plants indoors or in your surrounding helps balance the oxygen level and offers clean air to breathe.

While growing plants at home, you can also make compost from your food waste. Compost is good for plants, and you can also reduce food waste. Unlike at farms, growing plants home requires less energy and investment, therefore, is cost-effective.

If you have enough space to plant trees, you can keep your home cooler without air-conditioning.

2. Growing plants at home is therapeutic

Growing plants at home is therapeutic

Have you ever grown a plant from a sapling? Then you will know the happiness when you see the first bud on a plant. It also makes you happy when you save a plant from wilting away and dying!

All these give you a sense of accomplishment and make you happy and content. Growing plants at home is therapeutic as it lowers your stress level. If you are working long hours before a screen, you can keep some indoor plants in that room and look at them occasionally. They will heal your sore eyes.

Likewise, digging and working with the soil, is known to reduce stress levels, enabling you to focus better.

Several studies have proven that growing plants boosts productivity and makes one more attentive. Since plants support wellbeing, one can concentrate better and work more efficiently.

With plants around, people also known to recover faster from illness. Thus, many researchers also suggest having plants in hospitals.

3. Access to free seasonal food

Access to free seasonal food

One of the biggest perks of growing plants at home is the ready access to healthy food. Just take a basket and pick your favourite vegetables, herbs and fruits!

You can grow all the exotic as well as staple vegetables at home easily. While you can have them fresh, you also do not have to think about the pesticides and other preservatives that are used in store-bought fruits and vegetables. Moreover, you can get them all for free.

Similarly, growing a kitchen garden also helps you reduce your carbon footprint. The local, seasonal, fresh-from-the-garden food is also great for your health. You can enjoy all these benefits just by growing plants at home.

Do you love growing plants at home? What are the plants you currently have? Comment below!

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