5 Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids!

Children are always hooked to their electronic devices in this smartphone age, searching for entertainment and engagement. If you have a growing child, you would want them to learn new things at this age every day. So, what better way than to introduce them to the best educational YouTube channels for kids 

Here’s a look at the curated list:

1. Smithsonian Channel

The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History is one of the most famous museums and knowledge hubs globally. But unless you are from Washington D.C., your kids will have to wait until you can visit there.   

Here’s a video of the channel recording the unearthing of an Egyptian coffin: 

However, with the Smithsonian Channel, you give your child access to one of the most elaborate educational YouTube channels for kids. From learning about new animals every day to finding out about World War 2, it’s all going to be a lot easier and more fun.

2. Dhruv Rathee

Budding knowledge influencer of Indian-origin Dhruv Rathee’s YouTube channel has close to 6 million followers. He uploads researched and fact-checked videos for kids on various topics such as current affairs, world history, environmental issues, triennial warfare’s, and even financial investments advice.   

Here’s a video about the struggles of Olympic Silver Medal Winner Mirabai Chanu.

Check out more videos from his channel to find out about current affairs and great personalities. It is one of the best educational YouTube channels for kids, teenagers, and adults.

3. Mad Stuff with Rob

MAD has been one of the most famous arts and entertainment channels since the POGO days. His unique take on DIY and other artwork was something that inspired all of us as kids. If you think your child is an artist, then we recommend introducing your child to Rob’s YouTube channel.   

Here’s a video of how to make a Neon sign at home:

It’s one of the best educational YouTube channels because it also teaches them more about art.

4. Kings and Generals

Kings and Generals is a dedicated channel on history that covers the lives and times of famous kings and generals worldwide. It’s a great lesson in world history and an engaging past-time as well. The children will find videos on history much more interesting then reading about them in their textbooks. 

Here’s a video of a Kings and Generals:

It takes you through the journey of the Battle of Plassey in Bengal during the 18th century.

5. Khan Academy Kids

It’s not easy to make kids like educational content unless it is well-suited to their tastes. The Khan Academy Kids YouTube channel does just that and a lot more. In fun ways, it teaches kids the power of recycling or nurturing healthy habits.   

Here’s a video from their page:

The fun music and interactive game show format make it one of the best educational YouTube channels for kids.   

Let us know which channel impressed you the most, and share your favourite kids content channels if we have missed any! 

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