Easy ways to improve your child’s creative writing skills

Creative writing is an art form that lets one express their thoughts and desires and create stories out of ideas. However, all kids are not adept at expressing their feeling in words at an early age. This is where practice comes in handy and helps kids become more articulate. Needless to say, it proves helpful in their school curriculum as well.

On that note, here are a few tips that will let you help your kids master the art of creative writing over time with practice.

Tips to help kids improve their writing skills

1. Encourage them to read more

Reading books is probably the best precursor to writing and sets a solid foundation for the skill. Exposure to quality work of literature is an effective way of exposing them to words, phrases and ideas, and it also helps them to adopt and mimic different writing styles.

2. Encourage them to write opinionated essays

Daily writing is a great exercise to hone creative skills, and it also helps kids to pour their thoughts into words and express their feelings through them. This exercise helps them to improve their creative writing skills with practice over time. Start with essay writing on easy topics and encourage them to express their thoughts on various topics.

3. Teach them journaling

Journaling is an effective way of improving creative writing skills that offers a practical way to track their progress. Teach them how to write a journal and help them begin by jotting down a to-do list and a summary of their daily activity. Besides improving creative writing skills, it also helps build cognitive intelligence. Some believe it allows kids to express their thoughts and opinions better without fear or embarrassment.

4. Practice storytelling

Love for reading and believing in stories is a driving force when building on one’s creative writing skills. Kids especially enjoy stories. Fostering a love for stories can help them embrace the skill faster and improve it over time with practice. Allow them to make up new stories with their chosen characters and plots and let them spin a story around them. This will help their writing as well as their storytelling skills.

5. Encourage them to write letters

Letter writing is one of the basics of creative writing. In the world of texts and video calls, letter writing has lost its utility. However, traditional communication is still an effective means of developing writing skills.

Bonus: Help them sharpen their vocabulary skills so they can express themselves better through words and develop the basics of creative writing skills effectively.

These tips help kids work on their creative writing skills and improve their basics more effectively. Practice and persistence are essential when introducing kids to a new skill. Make sure to help them master it step by step and offer them the required technical and intellectual guidance to learn and improve.

Besides this, if your child shows interest in writing, help them sharpen their skills further by enrolling them to Dale Carnegie India, which is right on campus for customers of Gera’s ChildCentric® Homes.

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