9 colours of Navratri to inspire your home decor

Navratri is all about colours! Starting from colourful ghagras, dandiyas and pots, it gives out the perfect festive vibe! The nine days of Navratri have distinct colours that signify power, blessing, vitality and more.

Therefore, if you want your home to be festive-ready and celebrate the spirit of this auspicious occasion, decorate it with colours inspired by Navratri!

Here are some cool ideas for Navratri colour-inspired home decor that you can try this year!

1. Orange

This colour is associated with warmth, happiness and creativity. Hence, if you want your home to be your inspiration and give a feeling of belongingness, paint your walls with bright orange colour.

However, if you do not want to go all over it, just hang some original or artifical orange marigold flowers in the corners of your rooms, on the doors, entrance. They will match the festive vibe perfectly!

2. White

It is a symbol of purity and peace. White also looks good in-home decor. Imagine the white cave houses of Santorini! Aren’t they stunning?

Using more of white in the decor, you can also make your home look stunning and soothing to the eyes. Besides walls, you can also purchase white furniture and white decor pieces for a laid-back, minimalist vibe!

3. Red

We celebrate and worship the infinite energy of Goddess Durga during Navratri. Hence, Navratri’s colour-inspired home decor must include shades of red, a symbol of boldness, energy and zestfulness.

Red is commonly used in contemporary interior decoration. You can use this colour in multiple ways. For instance, create an accent wall with a rich dark shade of red and paint the other walls with light or muted contrasting colours.

The red velvet cover of sofas and chairs also looks luxurious. Just throw a faux feather cushion on it for a more posh look!

4. Royal blue

We usually wear royal blue on the fourth day of Navratri. This colour represents coolness and energy. One of the easiest ways to include this colour in your home is by painting a wall or two with a deep-toned or jewel-toned blue, keeping the flooring and ceilings white.

It will make the paint stand out in a balanced way!

You can also try adding cushions, curtains or artwork in this hue, to brighten up your space.

5. Yellow

If there is a colour that can instantly lift your mood is definitely a happy yellow! You will be cheerful just by looking at this colour, especially during festive days! Painting the walls a bright yellow is always a great option.

You can also add a dash of this colour by using yellow rice lights and tea lights which will not only embellish your home with festive decor but will also lighten up dark spaces at the same time.

6. Green

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about green is plants! Thus, this Navratri add green plants to your room and connect with nature instantly.

Plants not only look pretty as home decor, but they also have amazing qualities like purifying the air, reducing stress, etc.

7. Grey

Go playful with Grey by showcasing different shades of the hue while accessorizing your rooms. Buy sophisticated vases and pots of different shapes and the ones that have various shades of grey. Choose an uncluttered surface in your living room and place the vases and pots in a cluster to leave an artistic impression.

8. Purple

It is a vibrant and cheerful option for Navratri’s colour-inspired home decor! Currently, purple is so much in trend, and you can make a style statement by painting the walls purple or by simply adding a wall paper of the colour for a quick fix.

Add a touch of silver or white murals or wall art on this beautiful colour to accentuate the spirit of Navratri!

9. Peacock Green

This colour denotes the fulfilment of wishes; thus, people wear this colour on the last day of Navratri. This beautiful colour looks great on walls as well as on decor items! For instance, a metal peacock blue wall decor will enliven your living room instantly!

What do you think about the Navratri colour-inspired home decor? Let us know in the comments below!

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