7 Things to Consider Before Getting Your Home Painted!

7 Things to Consider Before Getting Your Home Painting

Painting your interiors is a great way to maintain the longevity of your walls and give your home a new look and feel whenever you need one. With home interior painting, you can change the energy of your home and make it feel completely new.

However, there are always few things that you should consider before diving into the task. Today, we have brought you a list of things you need to make sure before you give your home a festive makeover.

Let’s take a look:

1. Give time to wall prepping

Discoloration is a common phenomenon for walls over time. If you are planning to fix that, make sure you clean up the wall before applying paint to get the richness you want.

You also need to move things around before painting a wall to protect your furniture and get it done seamlessly.

2. Check your weather updates

For best paint results in interior and exterior walls, pick a day that is not too hot or cold. Make sure that you choose a water-resistant paint for your exterior walls and if you have kids in the house, go for washable interior paints.

Avoid getting your house painted during the rainy season.

3. Apply primer before paint

If you want your paint to last long, applying a few coatings of primer before getting a wall painted is the best idea. It gives the paint the adhesion and smooth base that it requires to give you best results.

Wall primer also smoothens cracks and irregularities on your surfaces.

4. Opt for quality tools

Giving your home a truly long-lasting shine is easier said than done. Often people go for cheaper paints and brushes, which might save them money upfront, but do not give way to longevity.

Make sure you invest in the right paint quality and proper brushes to give you best results.

5. Paint from top to bottom

Wouldn’t it be exciting if you took the charge of painting your walls? In case you do, always make sure that you paint it from top to bottom. Going from ceiling to floor and painting one wet patch to another makes sure that your colour is seamless throughout the walls and not patchy!

6. Be patient

It is important for you to be patient and watching a paint coat dry can be frustrating for new home painters. However, it is pivotal that you do not hurry and give your paint the required time it needs to dry.

7. Pick your medium wisely

You could get your house painted by professionals or do it yourself. If you have plenty of time at hand, it is never a bad idea to paint yourself. However, if you are not very confident, then it is best to opt for a professional set of painters.

These are the 7 things you must consider before getting your walls repainted. Think we missed something? Share your painting experiences in the comments section below!

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