7 Alien Movies that will make you wonder about their existence

Alien movies will always be fascinating for people who like to imagine the unknown. From stories of people being taken by flying saucers to storming secret military bases searching for extra-terrestrial life, the alien-hunting folklore is rich with incidents.   

However, most of it is probably assumptions. Nevertheless, sometimes movies about life from other planets can be an exciting watch. Here’s our list of the top seven alien movies that will make you wonder if aliens exist for real!

1. E.T. (1982 film)

E.T. (1982 film) Alien movies

The movie made aliens mainstream and characterized them as good-natured explorers. E.T. is a Steven Spielberg masterpiece that inspired countless kids to ride a bicycle and launch themselves into space.   

A cult hit, the story follows a homesick alien in the backyard of an American family and how their growing friendship made people look forward to one day welcoming benevolent extra-terrestrial life. But all of that is probably wishful thinking. Whatever the case may be, giving this evergreen movie a rewatch on Netflix can take you back to your alien-obsessed phase!

2. Close Encounters of a Third Kind (1977 film)

Close Encounters of a Third Kind Alien movies

Another Steven Spielberg classic, this alien movie is in stark contrast to our previous movie pick. Darker, more serious, and more nuanced, this movie looks through a more human lens at the idea of extra-terrestrial.   

Close Encounters of a Third Kind follows the story of Roy Neary, an electrical lineman. He closely encounters a UFO, which turns his life upside down and leaves him with a new obsession. Watch this sci-fi movie for an exciting movie night on the extra-terrestrial mythos.  The movie is soon going to be on Netflix and you can set a reminder on the title!

3. Edge of Tomorrow (2014 film)

Edge of Tomorrow alien movies

Nothing gets more exciting than humans fighting an alien force to ensure their final survival. However, Edge of Tomorrow gives a new twist to the genre altogether. The film stars superstars Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, who form the last stand against relentless alien attack.   

The heroes face death several times but can exploit a paradoxical loophole to be resurrected again and get closer to victory. Want to find out what happens eventually?   

Then definitely give this one a watch on Netflix.

4. The Thing (1982 film)

The Thing is one of the best sci-fi movies for people who are always on the lookout for a good thriller movie. Having broken barriers in special effects during its time, the film follows a crew of researchers in the South Pole confronting a shapeshifting otherworldly creature prepared to get them all.   

Heart-pacing and filled with action, the movie will make you wonder what you would have done to survive in the situation – and that is the point.   

You can rent the movie on YouTube.

5. Alien (1979 film)

If sci-fi horror is your cup of tea, then Alien, directed by Ridley Scott, ticks all the boxes. The story follows a commercial spaceship attacked by a violent extra-terrestrial force. It enjoys cult status among many alien enthusiasts across the world.   

You can rent the movie on YouTube.

6. Avatar (2009 film)

James Cameron’s masterpiece epic science fiction Avatar is much more than just a movie – it is an experience. Released in 2009, it was one of the first 3D movies to be released in India that completely transformed the film theater experience for its audience.  

All of that shine was supported by a brilliant story, articulate characterizations, and brilliant actors. The movie followed the story of Jake Sully, a paraplegic and former marine, who is sent to Pandora to help mankind gather unobtanium, a superconductor at room temperature.  

You can find out how the story spirals from thereon on Disney+ Hotstar.

7. Arrival (2016 Film)

Arrival is based on a short story called “Story of Your Life” and follows the life of an American linguist played by Amy Adams, who is enlisted to communicate with extra-terrestrial lives. The story starts with tensions rising between aliens and humans, and develops from there.  

Directed by Denis Villeneuve, the movie received 8 nominations during the 89th Academy Awards and won the Best Sound Editing trophy. You can stream the title on Netflix.  

These are our top seven picks of alien movies that are sure to make you wonder if you are alone in the universe and who you have for company in some unexplored corner of space. Think we missed a movie that should have made this list?   

Share your suggestions with your community in the comments section below.

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