6 Unique decor items that can change the vibe at home

Home decor can make or break the vibe of a home. Do you want to come back to a home that gives gloomy vibes? No, right?

The home is our happy place, so it should have a positive and feel-good vibe to set the mood right. You just need unique decor items to give your home personality and an edge.

1. Dreamcatchers

Inexpensive and effortless, dreamcatchers look beautiful on walls. You will get them in different shapes, sizes and colours! Currently, dreamcatchers with LED lights are also trending. You can try that for your home!

The best part is that you can make DIY dreamcatchers with beads and feathers! Hanging a dreamcatcher on walls is also believed to bring positive energy to your life! You can hang them above your bed, behind a door, side of a wall or anywhere you wish.

2. Pretty decorative cages

If you are a minimalist and want to go for a boho vibe for your home, the decorative cages will be your favourite! These pretty metal cages look luxurious, and you can decorate them in many ways.

For instance, you can place tea lights or plants inside them and wrap some light strings around them for a dreamy look. Place them on a console table or hang them on your balcony or corner of your room.

3. Persian rugs

No matter what the vibe of your home is, a beautiful rug looks stunning. If you want to add some pop of colour to your space, a Persian rug is one of the unique decor items you should own.

You can indeed choose any rug of your choice. But we have chosen Persian rugs as they have unique patterns and colours.

4. Cane lamp shade

Every home is unique, and so are its vibes. Hence, if you want to do something unique with your home decor, you can replace your old lamp shades with cane hanging lamp shades!

They are made of eco-friendly materials and look great. They come in various shapes, sizes and patterns and are also budget friendly. Give them a try, and you will not regret it.

5. Ceramic sculptures

In brightly glazed or unglazed natural clay, there’s something so special about the handmade beauty of ceramics. Sculptures are known to add a live dramatization to any inside design and can make any corner of your home, the focal point of fascination.

Ceramic sculptures in particular is the most trending and unique approach to enliven your space.They also addcharm and positive vibes to your home.

6. Quirky flower vases

Flowers make everything beautiful, right? However, you can enhance their beauty with the right flower vases. They are great pieces of home decor that you should have in your home.

You can also experiment with the shapes and looks and choose quirky flower vases for a chic look.

What are the unique décor items that you have at your home? Share  pictures with us in the comments below.

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