6 most helpful apps everyone needs on their phone

Our phones have become an indispensable part of our lives, and we spend hours on them. But how much of it is good for us? Do we have the most helpful apps on our phone, or is it just the addictive ones?  

Like a wise person once said, one could use anything for both good and bad. So, we bring you nothing less than the best. Listing below some of the most helpful app suggestions everyone could use on their phones: 

1. Calm: Meditate, Sleep, Relax

most helpful apps

Stress and anxiety not letting you have a sound sleep? Then Calm is the app for you! It is one of the best mindfulness application out there. It helps in lowering stress and anxiety and helps one achieve a more soundful sleep via guided meditation, breathing programs and relaxing music.  Easy to use, user friendly and has been downloaded over 10M times and one of the most recommended application by top psychologists and therapists.

2. LastPass 

most helpful apps

If you are someone who struggles with remembering passwords. LastPass Last Pass is the perfect fit for you. Its free version allows you to save and generate impossible passwords for accounts you use on your mobile.  

The paid version of the same app, allows you to use it across devices. The LastPass Authenticator app compliments the app for added security.

3. Snapseed  

most helpful apps

Are you looking to bring a pro touch to your Instagram uploads? Whether you are fond of uploading selfies or love to show off your travel pics, Snapseed is one of the most helpful apps you will find.   

Add effects, use filters, tools, and RAW editing to bring out the best potential of your moments! 

4. Brave Private Browser

most helpful apps  

Tired of cookies following you back, or want to make sure your digital footprint is secure? Then try the Brave Private Browser. It allows you to keep your privacy intact by using cookies and ad blockers that enhance your experience.   

It also has HTTPS everywhere to keep your security on top of everything else, making it one of the most helpful apps you can have on your phone.

5. Clue

most helpful apps

For the ladies out there, no other app can sort your life better than Clue. This period and ovulation tracker helps you predict PMS, fertility, and period predictions while allowing you to know more about your health.   

This one is a definite life-changer, from helping you find patterns in your cycles to enabling you to stay on a healthy track throughout. 

6. Evernote

most helpful apps

Looking for an app to help you organize all your notes and help you search them, even when they are images? Try Evernote. This app has a unique image character recognition system that allows you to search words within images.  

Plus, it comes with all the other organizational tools required for any notebook app. Evernote is one of the most helpful apps your phone can have.  

Here’s our list of six most helpful apps you can have on your phone to make life a bit easier. Think we missed something? Mention it in the comments below!

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