6 brilliant hacks to declutter your home

From a spoiled bunch of fruits to a broken chair that has been just lying in your living room for ages now, every house is sure to have several things they have on their to-throw list that haven’t seen the insides of a trash can. These lists in most cases keep building up to bigger numbers, while the attention given to them keeps getting lesser and lesser as days, weeks and in some cases months go by. While some lists finally get ticked till the end of the festive season, some lists unfortunately never see the end of a day for years.

Listed below are six brilliant hacks to de-clutter your home :

Donate clothes, shoes and wearables

There is certainly a pile of clothes, a bunch of shoes and a few watches and such in every house that hasn’t been worn for years. The best way to de-clutter the same is by donating them to your house help or anyone in your society, you feel would benefit from owning it.

Get rid of furniture that is no more usable

If there is a piece of furniture you feel doesn’t blend in with the decor you have at home, it’s time you part ways with it. Everything in the world has a shelf life and once it lives beyond it, it can cause more trouble than help in the future.

Throw away old books before they become piles of paper

There is no doubt that books can be treated like jewels that get inherited from one generation to another. Provided they are dusted regularly and kept together in pristine condition. Any book that has lost its bind should either be bound back together or thrown away before it becomes a pile of loose papers.

Trash away broken and irreparable electronic devices

If you have an old TV, an irreparable laptop or a broken gramophone that has lost its shape, it’s high time you get rid of it soon. These electronic devices cause clutter to the rooms that are stored in and at times spoil the aura that the decor in the room strives to bring out.

Disfigured utensils and discoloured spoons should be trashed

A kitchen in most cases is home to many vessels in which several dishes are cooked, bowled, fried and made from time to time. It is only natural that some of these vessels may lose their shape and colour eventually. You should opt for new vessels and trash the ones you feel don’t belong anymore in your kitchen.

Repaint your walls before they fade out of style

Last but certainly not least, you can repaint your walls and opt for sleek furniture to make all the rooms in your house look more elegant, minimalistic and welcoming in general. Colour pallets that include White, Lavender, Light Green, Pink, and such light colours blend in seamlessly with given decor and make every room they are painted in bigger, brighter and aesthetically pleasing to any eye.

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