5 Ways to motivate yourself to become an achiever

Motivation can be broken down into two main types/styles – Intrinsic and Extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation involves engaging in behaviour that is personally rewarding to you. An example of this would be helping a friend because you care for him/her or you may want to move ahead in your career and a voice burns bright inside you to help you achieve the same. The motivation to do it is fuelled from within and makes you feel rewarded. Intrinsic motivation is more sustainable than extrinsic motivation.

Extrinsic motivation on the other hand is fuelled by external factors such as a pay raise, maybe a teacher giving you a gold star for doing well on your mid-term test, or maybe your father bought you a car because you graduated. Extrinsic motivation keeps your gut burning bright only for a short time.

Which style of motivation fuels the movement of your wagon wheel?

May it be a dream of buying a house or a dream of owning a luxury car, it is easier said than done if you don’t find a way to wake up motivated and stay the same throughout the day. Whether you’re at work or studying to obtain a degree, if you lack motivation, it is easy for you to lose your way in this fiercely competitive world.

Listed below are 5 simple ways to keep you motivated throughout the day

● Break down your goals into small achievable daily targets
● Always remember why you started this journey
● Plan for failure and embrace it as it comes
● Reward yourself for standing strong at different points
● Practice gratitude in your daily life

Break down your goals into small achievable daily targets

If you are looking to lose weight or looking to inculcate a new habit, the best way would be to break down your goals into small achievable targets. You can start with one push-up and work towards doing ten push-ups and so forth in your process towards losing weight.

Always remember why you started this journey

Draw yourself a route map, stick it on your mirror and take a look at it whenever you feel distressed and unmotivated. This can help you stay positive and guide you ahead in your journey towards achieving your goals.

Plan for failure and embrace it as it comes

You should always have a plan B in life, whether you may be at work or school. Learn from your failures and don’t make the same mistakes over and over again. Express your emotions, don’t hold them back, a simple cry or scream can do more good to your mood than you can imagine.

Reward yourself for standing strong without giving up

If you are the one who refuses to give up and never wants to take no for an answer, you deserve to be rewarded and you should reward yourself without thinking too much. You can buy yourself those headphones you always wanted, or maybe take a few days off and go on that road trip you always planned for but never went on.

Practice gratitude in your daily life

Everything starts and ends for a reason, from when you wake up to when you crawl back tired and exhausted to your bed. You can just take a minute to soak it all in and find that spark to drive you towards your goals in life and be thankful that you got another opportunity.

These 5 points will help you stay positive and motivated throughout your journey towards your goals and thereby help you transform yourself into an achiever. Tell us how these worked for you in the comments.

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