5 Tips to ensure your kids stay fit & healthy during the festive season

The festive season means lots of fun, food, get-togethers and vacations! While all these keep you busy, do not neglect your diet and get carried away with festive foods. The same applies to your kids as well!

Kids are super excited during a festival and tend to make that an excuse to eat junk and disrupt their daily schedule! Follow these simple tips to keep your kids fit and healthy during the festive season.

1. Maintain an eating schedule

Maintain eating schedule

Occasional deviations and distractions from the eating schedule of your little ones are quite normal during the festive season. However, do not let that be an everyday thing!

No matter how busy you are, try to stick to their normal eating schedule as it helps them value their time and improve their appetite. Typically, the eating schedule of a child should have 3 main meals with snack breaks in between.

2. Plan out healthy snacks

Plan out healthy snacks

In between visiting relatives and celebrations at home, kids feel hungry more frequently during the festive season. It means they will crave snacks more often! However, most packed snacks are unhealthy as they contain a lot of preservatives, processed sugar and fat.

But, if you plan wisely, it can be the best time to add more nutrients to their diet and ensure good health for your child. For instance, you can give them seasonal fruits, yoghurt, smoothie, popcorn, boiled eggs, apple and peanut butter, etc., as snacks.

3. Encourage outdoor games

Encourage outdoor games

Besides diet, regular physical exercise is a must to keep your kids fit and healthy during the festive time! Outdoor games are the perfect solution for this. Following are the best outdoor games your kids can play every day!

● Cricket – It is the most popular outdoor game in India, and ‘Community cricket’ is common here. Let your kids participate in this game as it involves intense physical activity, enough to burn those extra calories during festivals!

● Tennis – It is also a great sport to improve stamina and needs a lot of energy. If your child is new to this game, you can hire a coach or enroll him/her in your nearest academy to get started.

Let them decide which sports they want to play and encourage them. It will help them utilize their holidays more productively!

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4. Divert their mind to festive fun

Divert their mind to festive fun

The memories of a festival should be about the fun and moments spent with their friends and families, not all about food! Thus, you can involve them in usual festive traditions like cleaning and decorating the home, making handmade gifts, starting a new hobby, etc.

It will allow your kids to focus more on the festive fun than the food.

5. Be a healthy role model

Be a healthy role model

Kids do not listen to you. They follow and try to imitate your actions! It means if you want your kids to stay fit and eat healthy, you also have to maintain a healthy life, whether it is the festive season or not!

How do you keep your kids fit and healthy during the festive season? Comment in the section below!

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