5 Teachings we can take away from the Ramayana

5 Teachings we can take away from Ramayana

The Ramayana is considered as itihasa in Indic culture and the epic has several instances of learnings that can be applied to our lives even today. To learn from the journey of Lord Rama, will add more wisdom to our lives and help us stay grounded as people.

Here’s a look at 5 teachings you can take away from the Ramayana.

1. We must stand by what is right

Being one of the largest epics in the world, the Ramayana has developed its characters beautifully and presented their moral dilemmas in much detail.

One of the principal dilemmas is that of Prince Vibhisana, brother to Ravana. In spite of being his kin, Vibhisana warned Ravana several times about the wrongs he committed and was eventually exiled by the demon King.

However, he did not lose his penchant for justice and helped Rama in his quest to vanquish the evil ways of the King of Lanka.

2. Do not underestimate anyone

Ravana and his ministers made the mistake of underestimating the monkey army led by Rama to war. Having warriors like Indrajit, Kumbhakarna, and himself on his side, he considered himself to be unbeatable in the battle field.

However, he was brought back to his senses during his first encounter with Lord Hanuman, where he decided to set his tail on fire to teach him a lesson. The decision backfired as Hanuman set his kingdom on fire before extinguishing his own tail and created havoc.

3. Everything that glitters is not gold

While it is easy to be drawn towards materialistic things, not everything that seems alluring to us is good for our lives. When Sita asked Rama to get her the golden musk deer, it led her to be abducted by Ravana in the guise of a Sadhu.

It teaches us, that sometimes it is better to be happy with what we have because our desires can also lead to our downfall.

4. Be Humble

Ravana was learned in all disciplines and stronger than most Kings of the era. However, his belief in his invincibility led to his downfall.

But his ego pitted him against Lord Rama, merely because he thought that no human would ever be strong enough to defeat him in a battle.

5. Dharma is duty

While many think that the Sanksrit word Dharma means religion, it is far from the truth. It actually means to be dutiful and do your part in society.

Being the beloved Crown Prince of Ayodhya, Lord Rama accepted his exile with grace because it was an order from his father and King.

The theme of duty establishes itself in the Ramayana several other times. For eg., when Rama had to kill Vali by deceit to help his friend Sugreeva reclaim the Kingdom and help him slay Ravana.

These are the 5 teachings we can take away from the Ramayana even today. Tell us what you have learnt from the story in the comments section below!

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