5 Spectacular DIY Halloween costume ideas

Halloween is that time of year when everyone dresses up, eats candy, and show off their spookiest selves. It’s also the time of year when the spookiest house decorations are the talk of the town and people are running scared in droves.

On October 31st each year, Halloween is celebrated. The custom has its roots in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would dress up and build bonfires to fend off ghosts. It wasn’t until Halloween arrived in the United States that the holiday began to gain popularity.

By adapting the European customs, Americans started dressing up for the Halloween celebrations and knocking from door to door to ask for food or money. This practise eventually developed into the modern-day “trick-or-treat” custom. Make sure you have your bunch of mango bites, coffee bites, melodies and eclairs ready for all the tricky little ones that are going to knock on your door for some treats.

Halloween evolved into a day centred on games, seasonal delicacies, and festive costumes—moving away from its origins as a celebration of witchcraft and ghosts. Let’s celebrate Halloween with a few DIY style ideas.

1. Superheroes

Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Thor and Wonder Woman are only a few of the many crime fighters that kids are looking up to this year. Their costumes are so classy, vibrant and stylish that every kid or adult would be excited to dress up as a superhero for Halloween.

Click here for the DIY

2. Money Heist

Few years ago, we all came across an interesting show that ended creating a major trend all over the world. Money Heist not only captured a lot of attention for their story but it was also their costumes that impressed people. Don’t you think you and your friends can all dress up like the Professor and his gang this Halloween?

Check out the DIY here.

3. Princess

Many children dream of being a princess and hope to turn that dream into reality, even if it’s just for one day. There will be many young children and teenagers dressing up as their favourite princess this year, whether they channel their inner Jasmin, Elsa or Ariel. A princess costume will surely make the children look pretty and your Halloween can be more vibrant.

Click here for the DIY.

4. Doraemon

When it’s ‘the Halloween’ time of the year, most kids usually get excited about dressing up like their favourite cartoons, like Doraemon, Sinchan, Sponge Bob, etc. It’s going to be so adorable seeing little Doraemons walking around the neighbourhood and knocking at your door for some sweet treats

Check out the link for the DIY.

5. Pirate

Pirate legends are always fun to think about and dressing up as a pirate is even more fun! A Pirate costume has a lot of fun elements that people can play with. People have a chance to play with those elements and create new looks for this Halloween. If you are dressing up like a pirate, you have to be a Johnny Depp fan. Recreate the Pirate of the Caribbean Sea situation and dress up as Captain Jack Sparrow in your community and steal all the candies you can.

Click here to check out the DIY.

Halloween is right around the corner. Let your characters and their costumes do the talking for you. Stay tuned to @geradevelopments on Instagram for more on Halloween.

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