5 Reasons why you should teach your children how to code

Coding for children? It seems a little odd, right? But you would be surprised that school coders are becoming common across the world!

It is a digital age and making your young one’s computer literate is a requisite. By learning coding you will not only set them up for better career opportunities in the future but also improve their soft skills and offer a host of benefits.

Here’s why children should learn to code very early.

1. Coding boosts creativity

Parents and educational counsellors are often concerned about creativity in children. The age-appropriate coding projects take care of this aspect to a great extent. Coding developers are known as ‘creators’ in a programming environment.

Coding requires creativity and experimental thinking. While coding, computers give live updates, which encourages children to find the best solution for the challenges they face.

Coding projects allow children to animate characters, tell stories and develop a new program. It helps them combine their logical thinking with artistic and creative learning.

2. Coding improves problem-solving skills.

One of the reasons why children should learn to code is to boost their problem-solving skills. Coders always work towards problem-solving. It requires them to identify, prioritize and find solutions to problems. Therefore, children can hone their problem-solving skills through programming activities and games while coding. Likewise, coding from a very early age also helps develop cognitive skills, even if they do not pick coding later in their lives.

3. Coding enhances computational thinking.

Typically, computational thinking is a vital part of computer application development. However, it is also an effective problem-solving method for other disciplines of life, such as math, science and humanities.

Since coding requires you to visualise abstract concepts, children can be better at math and overall in academics through a systematic approach to any problem. Thus, computation thinking is a valuable skill set that children can develop from coding from a very early age.

4. Coding supports better communication skills.

Coding is a language, and therefore, it helps children the way learning a new language does!

A language teaches you to communicate better and strengthens your verbal and written skills. The world of programming operates through 0s and 1s, and it is the language computers understand. Thus, when you code, you can understand technology better and comprehend messages more easily.

Coding from childhood also boosts logical thinking.

5. Coding is a career-building skill.

Irrespective of the educational background of your children, knowing how to code will help them stay ahead in their careers. Even if they do not want to become a full-fledged coder in future, their knowledge of coding and 1 or 2 programming languages will only boost their credibility in the job market.

If they want to become a coder growing up, childhood is the best time to start nurturing coding. The years of practice will only make them better.

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