5 Must-Watch Hidden Gems for Movie Night with family

Family movie night that went out of fashion is a great tradition to bring back especially now when going back to the cinemas is not safe enough.  So, grab yourself some popcorn, pick your favourite seat on the couch, and get your hands on our select picks below as you settle in for the wondrous journey of storytelling.    

Here’s the list: 

1. Malgudi Days, R.K. Narayan

Our first pick is a binge watch opportunity you do not want to miss. Malgudi Days was a television adaptation of R.K. Narayan’s masterpieces and has a total of 54 episodes available in Hindi on Amazon Prime 

Originally released on Doordarshan in the early 80’s, it remains a forgotten must-watch for parents and kids almost 40 years later.  Fall in love with characters like Swami and relive the golden age of Indian television!

2. Spirit: The Stallion of Cimmaron

The movie follows the life of a wild horse in the old West and how he finally frees himself after being captured by the army.  

As one of the first DreamWorks CGI work ever produced, the movie leaves a lasting impression on children and adults alike. It brings home the lesson of perseverance and a never-say-die attitude. With a background score worth remembering, this movie is going to bring back some old and create many new memories when you watch it with your family.

3. Rise of the Guardians

A new twist to the mythos of Christmas, Rise of the Guardians follows the story of Jack Frost, the Spirit of Winter. The movie then introduces other children’s legends like the Tooth Fairy and darkness, in the form of Pitch Black.  

Being a movie that explores faith and hope against despair, it drives home a strong message with artistic subtlety. Watching it together with your family on Netflix is not only going to fun, but also teach you valuable life lessons.

4. Iqbal

A masterpiece directed by Nagesh Kukonoor, Iqbal introduces actor Shreyas Talpade as the deaf and dumb fast bowler who wants to play for India. As the story develops, Iqbal finds his teacher in a veteran cricketer played by Naseeruddin Shah.  

The movie teaches perseverance and is filled with highs and lows as Iqbal tries to fulfill his dream and prove his talent in spite of the challenges facedYou can watch it with your folks on ZEE5.

5. Do Dooni Char

Real-life couple Neetu Singh and Rishi Kapoor came together on screen after several years to deliver stellar performances as the lower middle-class Duggals. The film follows the life of the family and their struggle to find happiness and meaning while swimming to stay afloat financially!  

The film is packed with powerful performances and was awarded the National Award and a Critics Award for Best PerformancesA fun family watch on Netflix that follows the intermingling of drama and comedy perfectly!  

 These are our top 5 Must-Watch Hidden Gems for Movie Night with family. You can find most of these on popular streaming platforms and we promise an evening of unbridled laughter and learning. 

Got your own favourites? Mention your top 5 must-watch family movies or shows in the comments section below.

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