5 Must-Read Books This Season

Nurturing a reading habit is a great exercise that always helps you learn more about the world and broaden your life’s perspective. If you love reading and are looking for recommendations, the following list of must-read books will be handy. Irrespective of your preference for genres, you cannot afford to miss any of these books mentioned below. 

Let’s take a look! 

1. To Paradise by Hanya Yanagihara

This book portrays  America in 1893, an alternate version of the real one. It covers three centuries, and every different America represents each character of the book. Although the characters are from different centuries, they share some connections. You will see the theme of family, wealth, love and paradise, making it a fascinating read.  

While the book has had its share of admiration and aversion, it does portray a unique point of view to American culture in an alternate setting unlike anything you have read before.

2. Violeta by Isabel Allende

This is the latest novel of Isabel Allende, a New York Times-bestselling author. This book revolves around Violeta. She is the first girl in a family of 5 boys. Some ‘extraordinary events’ mark her life, such as the Spanish Flu and Great Depression.  

Unlike conventional novels, this book is written in letter forms to someone Violeta loves. Throughout the book, you will get a glimpse of her emotional and inspiring life and the moments of happiness and joy she experienced.  

It’s unique and intimate writing style takes the reader inside the mind of the protagonist to create empathy and experience that every bookworm craves for.

3. Young Mungo by Douglas Stuart

The 2020 Booker prize winner Douglas Stuart’s novel Young Mungo is a love story. The protagonists of the book, Mungo and James, are Protestant and Catholic, respectively. The societal pressure forced them to conceal their own selves, and they ended up being apart from each other.  

This must-read book then explores the ways they followed to be together again. It reintroduces the reader to the idea of love in the face of adversity and takes them on a journey to understand themselves and their loved ones better. 

4. Wise and Otherwise: A Salute to Life by Sudha Murthy

Sudha Murthy is a celebrated Indian-English author, and Wise and Otherwise: A Salute to Life is one of her best novels. This book deals with how human nature and humans themselves are complicated and not easy to understand. It explains that the definition of right and vice-versa changes if they can be explored in depth.  

What makes this book interesting is that the 51 stories of it are based on the travels taken by the author herself. This book is great if you want to explore more about India’s diverse traditions, cultures and people’s values and their imperfections.

5. The Living Mountain: A Fable for Our Times by Amitav Ghosh

Through this book, Amitav Ghosh narrates a tale of a living mountain, Mahaparbat and its valley dwellers. The author also introduces us to the anthropic humans who want to harm Mahaparbat for their own benefits.  

This book is a commentary on the decaying relationship between humans and nature. He stresses the ruthless nature of humans and how they tend to exploit nature for their selfish motives.  

The book is available in English, Hindi as well as an audiobook. No way can you skip this gem of a book! 

Is there any particular must-read book that you want to read this season? Let us know in the comment below!

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