5 Most Popular Dance Forms in the World!

No matter who you are, there has been a time when you tapped your feet or shook your shoulders to the beat of the song. The truth is, even if we are born with two left feet, dance is always a happy expression. 

But what about the people who aren’t shy to shake a leg and can do it with grace? Which dance forms do they practice?   

Let’s explore five most popular dance forms in the world. 

1. Ballroom Dancing

The ballroom dance, or what we know it to be, is an umbrella term for various partner dances. It is prevalent in social gatherings, entertainment, and competition, making it one of the most popular forms. Its origins go as far back as the 16th century.  

Several different forms come under this umbrella: Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep, and Slow Foxtrot. It also has a more rhythm-dominated version called Latin ballroom dancing, including Pasodoble, Samba, and Bolero.   

Ballroom dancing’s popularity is unprecedented in partner dance competitions and contemporary style competitions. Widely known for its ease and grace, it is a dance built solely on coordination and chemistry.

2. Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance was developed as late as the mid-20th century and has become one of the most popular in the world. Dominating the dance industry of Europe and the United States, it is studied and performed professionally.   

This dance form is known for its technicality and draws inspiration from modern, Jazz and classical dance styles.   

As a dance form, contemporary is supremely dynamic. Experts choreograph it with jumps, lifts, falls, and changes in speed and rhythm, depending on the act.

3. Hip-Hop

Hip-hop dance was born in the 1970s and drew a majority of its influence from Funk and breakbeat. In the beginning, the dance style was mainly a social phenomenon of New York and California. However, slowly, it became a gesture of expression around the world.   

The primary styles in hip-hop are breakdance and, locking and popping. However, other derivative substyles like krumping, turfing, and jerking have also gained prominence.   

An expression of rebellion and everyday life, hip-hop dance has become more than just a style – it has become a liberating movement. 

4. Fusion Dance

The most versatile of them all, fusion is what its name implies, a mixture of different styles. Non-conformity to particular types and adopting a lead and follow choreography are the two pillars on which the dance form rests.   

Fusion dance is prevalent among competitive performers but carries very little dominance in regular social gatherings.   

This dance form is also extensively used as a fitness and mobility regimen for people who like to keep shuffling with their health routines.

5. Bollywood Dance

While some might think that the love for Bollywood is an Indian phenomenon, it is far from the actual truth. Bollywood dance has become a cult worldwide, including and especially the Western countries.   

Popularised by its cinema, Bollywood dance is used in fusion, in workouts, and in social gatherings. It is known for its peppy moves and upbeat music; this style is a complete winner for both dancers and non-dancers.   

It’s true what they say – Bollywood is for everybody.   

Now that we have listed the popular dance forms of the world, there is news for you.

Club Outdo Event Update! 

FamJam with Shiamak Davar!   

We would like to thank our celebrity judge and ChildCentric® Homes mentor Shiamak Davar. We are also grateful to all the participants, audience members, and guests that attended the event and helped in making it a grand success.  

We would also like to congratulate –  

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