5 Indian Human Resource Statistics that you didn’t know

The Wheelbox, essentially a talent assessment platform, and others like the All India Council for Technical Education, the Confederation of Indian Industries, the Association of Indian Universities, etc., released yearly reports with crucial human resource findings. The said annual report examined the hiring pattern, skill distribution, and country’s future regarding job opportunities. It was formulated after thoroughly scrutinizing the responses of over 3 lakh candidates across the country and includes a report from India Hiring Intent Survey covering 150 corporations spanning over 15 industrial sectors.

Let us discuss some key human resource findings from the assessment below.

1. The pool of employable women is increasing

As per findings, the pool of employable women has increased significantly. Currently, it stands at 51.44% compared to 41.25% in 2021. Notably, the figure for men in 2022 is 45.97% compared to 34.26% in 2021. The 2022 report also suggested that 46.2% of skilled youth were highly employable compared to last year’s 45.97%.

2. A new trend among graduates

The year 2022 saw the emergence of a new trend wherein 88.6% of graduates were looking for an internship within organizations. This finding suggests the willingness of graduates to jump-start their careers in firms that could have the potential to pave their future career endeavours.

3. New professions are gaining traction

The report states that new professions will likely crop up in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and even robotics. Reportedly, at present, 29% of all current tasks are performed by robots, machines, algorithms, and AI. The said percentage is expected to surpass 42% by 2022 and reach 52% by 2025. The same report also emphasizes that new occupations will be responsible for balancing machine and human work.

4. Cyber security could smoothen the transition

The report also highlighted the importance of data down the road, stating how it could potentially drive the digital transition. The need for qualified cyber security professionals and network engineers was also highlighted. It is expected that the demand for such professionals is likely to

soar in the next 4 years. Similarly, the cyber security market is expected to proliferate in the next few years.

Similarly, the increase in digitalization is expected to boost the cyber security valuation from its initial Rs. 14,000 crore in 2019 to Rs. 29,000 crore by 2025. Additionally, experts believe that other key sectors such as healthcare support, construction, e-commerce, IT, warehousing, and logistics will witness a surge in hiring scale.

5. Sectors to witness salary hike

Experts have stated that tech sector and sales will significantly increase employee pay packages. While technology adoption is undergoing a multifold increase in organisations across the globe, the lack of supply has become a cause of concern.

In turn, the shortage has significantly intensified the demand for available talent, resulting in high salary demand and added perks. New age businesses such as edtech, fintech, consumer tech, B2B tech, etc., will offer at least a 10-15% salary hike. Also, job roles such as CXO, sales, etc., will witness 10-15% annual hikes, while support roles such as finance, HR, and legal will see a rise of 6-12%.

These are some key statistics predicting how the rest of 2022 and the next few years will play out for talent and employers.

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