5 Habits you should inculcate at home to conserve water

Did you know 76 million Indians don’t have access to safe drinking water? In fact, 54% of India is subject to high water stress. This makes water conservation crucial, especially when the limited natural resource is rapidly getting exhausted. On that note, this World Water Week, let us find some effective ways to conserve water at home by making a few conscious adjustments to our daily activities.

5 ways to save water daily

1. Take a bucket shower

While we all love taking long showers, they are potentially the reason an individual might waste 17 gallons of water per shower on average. Now, if you multiply the number by the total number of your family members, you will notice the outrageous amount of water your home collectively waste daily.

To effectively tackle this, you can switch to bucket showers. It allows you to have the opportunity to mix hot and cold water proportionately for a comforting shower without water wastage.

2. Get a water-saving flush system

Flushing toilets are considered among the largest sources of wastage in our homes. In fact, it is estimated that old toilets use nearly 5-7 gallons of water per flush. This wastage can be combatted by installing the latest water-saving toilet flush model. The small initial expense can help the environment, save water, and lower your water bill.

3. Turn off the tap while doing chores or getting fresh

Several people have the habit of leaving the tap running while they continue to brush their teeth, shave, or wash their face or hands. The same habit is repeated when they wash utensils or do their laundry. While the habit is wasteful, it can be taken care of by simply keeping the tap off until the task is done. Try and make it a habit to wash all dishes at once and only then turn on the tap to rinse them.

4. Fix leaking taps

Make regular maintenance check a habit, and fix or replace old leaking taps, toilets, and pipes without delay. Doing this helps conserve a lot of water that gets wasted unknowingly. This small timely adjustment can help save water and keep your surroundings prim and proper.

5. Quit using a hose to clean your car or your driveway

Hosing down the driveway, steps, or car is among the top wasteful habits and defeats the purpose of saving water. Instead, make it a point to use buckets of water to clean your car and pick a broom to remove dirt, debris, and leaves away from the driveway or stairs.

Besides these, don’t throw away remaining bottled water or a glass of water that’s been sitting for too long. Instead, use it to water plants or your kitchen garden.

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