5 Habits to build better cardio if you don’t have time to workout

Did you know adults should indulge in vigorous cardio at least thrice a week? It is no secret that indulging in cardio exercises is an excellent means to boost mood and lower health risks. However, often due to busy schedules and severe fatigue, many people say that they cannot do cardio exercises even if they want to. The good news is one can easily build better cardio even without hitting the gym or having time to work out.

Let us look at 5 different ways to incorporate cardio into your daily life despite a busy schedule.

1. Skip the elevator, take the stairs

Taking the stairs is not an uncommon suggestion, and we are sure you must have heard about it at least once in your life. Despite being a piece of popular advice, many people consciously ignore it. However, that is a big mistake as this attitude makes them skip many benefits that this cardio exercise in disguise, offers. Taking the stairs is an effective way of burning more calories than walking, and it also boosts immune function, lowers diabetes-related risks, and controls blood pressure and heart disease.

2. Opt for walking!

Did you know walking just 20 minutes daily can help improve energy levels, uplift mood, and lower your risk of heart disease? Make it a point to take a walk when trying to complete outdoor chores. If you do not have the luxury to walk on weekdays, make it a conscious effort to park your car at a distance or get down one bus stop before your actual distance and walk to the location.

You can also walk around while taking phone calls to increase your step-count throughout the day.

3. Clean up your room

Nobody loves chores, especially the one that involves cleaning dusty and messy rooms. However, no matter how hard we try to avoid or delay the demanding task, one eventually has to attend to it. But the good news is that when you clean your room, you also indulge in a good deal of aerobic workout that helps build your cardio. It’s like killing two birds with one stone!

4. Go grocery shopping

Grocery shopping is unavoidable. While new-age shopping apps allow us to order and receive delivery of all our necessities at home, you must encourage yourself to go out to shop for more than one reason. First, you get to pick the products you want, allowing you to bargain

for a better price. If that was not enough, the entire process of stopping by every stall or corner of the Supermart or local market and carrying goods around does count as a good cardio workout.

5. Cook your own meal

Several benefits such as eating healthy and saving money on take-outs are closely associated with cooking at home. But did you know it is also an excellent way to jog your cardio? All the steps and movements related to cooking effectively build cardio.

Which of these habits do you think is most effective in building better cardio? Don’t forget to share your opinion.

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