5 Fun Things to do with your Kids this Summer

With March passing us by, summer is finally here and that means long vacations as well. However, with travel restrictions still in place, how do you make summers exciting for the little ones? 

Well, there is no need to worry! We are bringing you 5 fun activities that will keep your kids happy even while they are indoors. Want to find out what they are?  

Take a look:

1. Help them build their personal marvels

Building model cities, planes, legos, or even ships can help your child learn patience and perseverance.  

Since these building models take time, they will always have something to look forward to. In fact, you too can join them and help them in creating their personal marvels, creating memories that last a lifetime.  

If your kid is a comic book fan, then comicverse build-at-home models are also easily available on the internet.

2. Set up a tent for your child

Children always find outdoor activities to be a lot of fun. Mimicking something symbolic like an outdoor camp will enable them to let their imaginations run wild.  

Online tents for children are easily available, but you could make it into a fun activity by using bedsheets to build it along with them.  

Use the kind of decorations they want and help them create a magical space for themselves during the summer vacation.

3. Help them bake their own cookies

An out and out fun parental activity, baking their own cookies could be a wonderful experience for your kids.  

Children love to participate in adult-like activities, their baking enthusiasm is going to be high. Get them cookie shapers to carve out exciting shapes from the dough and then bake the cookies in their favourite shape.  

You can also teach them how to make the dough – because of its messy indulgence, it is definitely going to be a hit among them!

4. Teach them to make flipbooks

Flip art is very popular among kids.  

The idea is to create motion in drawings by adjusting distances of the same scene on every page. For context, you could always watch Ishaan’flip art book in Taare Zameen Par.  

They can draw whatever they want – their favourite bedtime stories, dreams, or anything/ character they would like to bring to life.

5. Ask them to create a summer scrap book

Scrapbooking is a very popular form of DIY art and could become their favourite memories after they grow up.  

With kids becoming increasingly dependent on the digital world, an analog activity like this will bring much-needed equilibrium to their attention spans. Ask them to take pictures of their favourite summer moments, get them printed out, and prepare a summer scrapbook to wow their peers!  

These are the 5 indoor activities that you can do with your kids or encourage them to do on their own. Each of these activities focus on their creative instincts and imagination, opening up new ways for them to think. 

Got your own indoor kids’ activities? Post them in the comments section below. We’d love to also see pictures with your little ones working on their summer activities.

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