5 Fun Science Experiments to do at Home with your Kids!

Learning becomes a lot more fun when its coupled with some application. So why let your children miss the excitement of their school science labs just because they are studying from home?  

Can’t think of an alternative?  

Here’s our list of 5 easy-to-do science experiments at home to add some fun to your child’s curriculum. Just remember to put on the safety gear before you try them!

1. Tornado is a Bottle! 

If you have never seen a whirling tornado with your eyes then it’s time to change that.  

Things needed: Two plastic bottles, a pipe to connect the bottles, and water  

Connect the two bottles by the mouth and turn the bottle with the water on top while giving it a whirl. As the water flushes to the empty bottle below it, a vortex is created by the air coming up as the water flows down, giving you A TORNADO!  

You can add dyes or oils to make it look more colourful or interesting.

2. Teach your eggs how to swim

Normally eggs sink in the water, but what if we told you we can teach you a way to keep it afloat?  

Things needed: Two eggs, two glasses of water, and salt  

Add salt in one of the glasses until the solution turns whitish from transparent. Now drop one egg each in each glass and you will find that the egg is floating in the salt solution. Interesting, right?  

This is because eggs are denser than normal water and therefore sink. However, when we add enough salt to the solution, the density of the water changes and the eggs start to float.  

Fun Fact: This is also the reason why people don’t drown in the Dead Sea. Because it is 10 times saltier than the Mediterranean Sea.

3. Water-proof air experiment 

Now you must be thinking how is that even possible? How can air keep anything water-proof? Don’t worry, we will show you how!  

Things needed: 1 glass, a tumbler filled with water, and dry tissue papers 

Fold the tissue paper neatly and place it in the bottom of the empty glass. Now invert the glass and slowly push it straight down on the surface of the water till its rim touches the bottom. You will feel a pressure pushing the glass back up.  

That is the air in the glass looking to escape. Now carefully follow the video and pull it out of the water without letting the air escape. Once you have it out, check the tissue paper for any moisture. If you have done it right, the tissue will be as dry as before!  

When we invert the glass and push it down, the air in the glass keeps the water from entering, thus keeping the tissue dry.  

4. Launch your own balloon rocket 

While we can’t help you fly to the moon with this, balloon rocket is a fun way to learn about air pressure!  

Things needed: 1 balloon, 1 straw, decorative paper, tape  

Cut the bottom of the balloon evenly and then tape it to one end of the straw. Follow the video to decorate your balloon rocket with paper propellers and stickers. Now fill the balloon up with air from the other end of the straw.  

Once the balloon is filled with air, use your thumb to keep the air from escaping. To launch the rocket, remove your thumb. The air inside the balloon will escape through the straw, propelling it forward! 

5. Make your own fizz inflator

Ever thought you could automatically inflate your balloon using science?  

Things needed: Pet bottle, funnel, baking soda, and vinegar 

Pour ½ a cup of vinegar in the pet bottle and fill the balloon halfway with baking soda using the funnel. Now fit the neck of the balloon to the mouth of the bottle and hold it up to let the baking soda fall on the vinegar.  

The acid and base reaction in the bottle releases carbon dioxide and fills up the balloon as the gas needs space to expand 

Try all of these amazing science experiments at home with your kids and make their classes more applicative. And let’s not forget the obvious fun you are going to have while doing all of this with them!

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