5 extra-curricular activities that are great for your children

Every child has a different personality, and those personalities need to be nurtured in a positive way. When children do not have anything constructive to do, they tend to make mischief, which can be avoided with proper guidance.

Academics are often not aimed at all-round development, and this is why being involved in at least one extracurricular activity is important. Schools have made attempts to include activities in the curriculum in the form of school bands, dance teams, sports teams, art clubs, and more.

Here we have a list of extracurricular activities and what your child can learn from them.

Music/ musical instruments

Some children choose to master singing, others learn to play an instrument and some are skilled at doing both. You can help your child discover an instrument that interests them  because there are so many to pick from. Learning music will increase your child’s concentration skills, listening skills and socialising skills.

Many kids enjoy music because it’s free-spirited. It is a creative art that not only entertains people, but also builds an emotional connection with them. There are no chapters, tests, syllabus when it comes to music, which is why kids enjoy it so much.

Kids resonate with tunes, beats and rhythms easily. So, learning any style of music or musical instrument can be a great extra-curricular activity for them.

Gera’s ChildCentric® Homes has partnered with the Shankar Mahadevan Academy, to provide training in music right at their doorstep. Such a perfect launchpad for your budding rockstars!


Even within the realm of dance, there are so many options available for your child to choose from. They can like traditional folk dances or want to learn modern forms like hip-hop or lyrical dance.

Each style of dance arises from a different region and culture. Your children can learn a certain style of dance like salsa, hip-hop, Indian traditional dance styles, or more, and get an opportunity to learn about different cultures. Most dance styles call for perseverance and discipline, and can aid in your child’s physical and mental development.

Additionally, dance is an art that teaches confidence and makes your child an artist. They will learn team work, punctuality, stage manners and more.

Gera’s ChildCentric® Homes gives you the perfect opportunity to hone your child’s dancing skills with the Shiamak Davar Institute for Performing Arts, right within the ChildCentric® Homes society campus.


Children can take a break from studies and let out some pent-up energy by playing sports. It also enables them to live better and happier lives. Frequent participation in sports and fitness activities for kids is shown to have positive social and psychological effects in addition to physical ones.

Sports requiring teamwork and a lot of energy include football, basketball, cricket and softball and many more. There are also a range of indoor games that would not need much physical strain.

Children gain endurance when participating in sports like basketball and football where they develop their teamwork skills, strategic thinking, and athletic ability. Any sport, whether it is practised with a team or an individual, can benefit your child.

Gera’s ChildCentric® Homes also gives you access to world-class sports academies like:

• Crickingdom Cricket Academy by Rohit Sharma
• Badminton Gurukul an initiative by Pullela Gopichand
• Michael Phelps Swimming Program by The Sports Gurukul
• Mahesh Bhupathi Tennis Academies
• Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools
• The Academy of Gymnastics by Dipa Karmakar


Children can experience a sense of fulfilment when they are free to create anything. You give a kid a black paper and some paint, the art you will see in the end will make you proud. Painting, sketching or crafts not only engage your kids for a long time, but also showcase their thoughts and perspective. It is a great way for you to understand your child’s creativity.

These creative activities certainly have a good influence on certain parts of the child’s brain that will help them become sharper, attentive and emotionally intelligent. Drawing and painting can also aid in the development of problem-solving abilities.

Martial arts

Judo, Tae Kwan Do, Karate, and other mixed martial arts techniques may conjure images of violence, but what they actually teach is discipline and how to control your strength rather than using it for harm.

The art teaches self-control and self-discipline that helps develop many other qualities like confidence, patience, and listening skills in children. Additionally, they aid in your child’s physical and social development. This will definitely help them in the future, which is why martial arts as an extra-curricular activity is great for your child to indulge in.

Children have increasing opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities of their choice. These interests can turn into a passion or even a career. So encourage your kids to learn as many skills as they can.

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