5 Best Travel Movies that will make you fall in love with adventure

Planning an actual vacation may still take some time until people are fully vaccinated, and all tourist attractions are open. Till then the only way to experience something similar is by putting your vacation hat on and catching up on the best travel movies ever madeWe have curated a binge list for you to virtually enjoy these scenic frames!

1. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

best travel movies

What are the best travel movies always made of? Whatever it is, this Ayan Mukerji film has it all. A group of school friends set out on a trip to Manali where they are surprisingly joined by their studious classmate who is trying to break free and discover herself.  

Fun, music, adventures, and revelation ultimately lead to love, friendship, and a lot more. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani takes viewers on a journey of how young adults grow up when life happens and why there is always hope for love. A great family travel movie to make your weekend nights at home a little more relaxing! 

2. Into The Wild

best travel movies

Into The Wild (2007) is a movie that follows the true quest of Christopher McCandless, a young graduate who leaves the world behind into the unknown in search of truth.   

How he leaves his comfortable life and settles in an abandoned bus in the Alaskan wilderness is a captivating story for all those whose hearts beat for wanderlust.   

Directed by Sean Penn, this movie reveals what nature can truly mean to our existence if we only care to look. This one will be a definite addition to your list of best travel movies with its scenic shots and raw narrative.

3. Zindagi Na Milegi Do Bara

best travel movies

No best travel movies list is really complete without mentioning this 2013 Zoya Akhtar cult classic. Zindagi Na Milegi Do Bara follows the story of three childhood best friends who reunite after a long separation to celebrate Kabir’s bachelor party on an adventure trip in Spain.   

Each decides on an adventure sport, and the film follows their trail along the Spanish countryside, through the nooks and crannies of their complex personal lives.   

Fun like Ik Junoon and Senorita, blissful like Khaabon Ke Parinday, and wise like Imran’s collection of poems, this movie is more than just one of the best travel movies ever – it is an emotion.

4. Eat Pray Love

best travel movies

Eat Pray Love follows the true story of Elizabeth Gilbert, who had a seemingly normal life that was devoid of any fulfillment. Finally, she decided to leave on a journey of self-discovery after her divorce and found out the importance of health and nourishment in Italy, the bliss of prayer in India, and found her true love in Indonesia.   

The Ryan Murphy-directed movie received massive box-office success, and Julia Roberts’ fantastic portrayal of Elizabeth Gilbert left everyone wanting more!

5. The Bucket List

best travel movies

Predictable, sentimental, and a story that warms hearts, The Bucket List (2007) is an American buddy comedy starring acting legends Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson.   

It is filmed worldwide, including in India, China, Egypt, France, the USA, and Tanzania. Morgan Freeman plays blue-collar mechanic Carter Chambers, who meets Edward Cole, a billionaire. Unfortunately, both of them happen to be diagnosed with terminal illnesses.   

The two men take a tour around the world and spin an unbelievable tale of camaraderie, making it one of the best travel movies you could watch.   

These are our top suggestions for the best travel movies that will make you fall in love with adventure. Think we missed something? Share your suggestions in the comments section below. 

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