5 Best Cooking Hacks for Busy Parents

Are you a working parent with school going kids? Managing home and work together can become tedious, especially if your child is young. You always have to balance your time & effort and also ensure that they get the right nutrition.

To help you with that, we have 5 best cooking hacks for busy parents. Let’s take a look:

● Plan and prepare your meals in advance

By planning and preparing your meals in advance, you can avoid the stress of coming up with meal ideas on the fly, and you’ll be able to cook your meals more quickly and easily.

Planning allows you to make a comprehensive shopping list and buy all of the ingredients you need at once, rather than having to make multiple trips to the store.

When you’re rushed and unprepared, cooking can be a source of stress and frustration. By planning and preparing your meals in advance, you can avoid this and make cooking a more enjoyable and relaxing experience.

● Repurpose leftovers

If you frequently have leftovers after dinner, you can repurpose them for meals the next day. For example, you can make fried rice from leftover rice or add leftover grilled chicken to a salad to make a sandwich filling.

You can freeze leftover food in individual portions and then thaw and reheat them as needed during the week. This can save you time and effort and help you avoid wasting food.

● Use readymade spice blends & sauces

Readymade add flavor to your dishes without requiring you to measure and mix individual spices. This can save you time and effort and can also help you avoid making mistakes or using the wrong proportions of spices.

When you use ready-made spice blends and sauces, you can be confident that your dishes will have the same flavor and taste every time, because the spices are pre-measured and pre-mixed by the manufacturer.

● Use a pressure cooker

A pressure cooker cooks food faster than other methods. This can save you time and effort in the kitchen and can also help you get dinner on the table faster.

● Pick easy and tasty recipes

Try cooking easy and tasty recipes like mac and cheese, quesadillas, and peanut butter sandwiches for your kid. These are healthy, filling, and can be made in a jiffy, saving you time and effort.

Also, since these recipes are not very commonly made in Indian households, it will be an interesting change for your kids’ tastebuds! Who knows, they might even be waiting to open their lunchbox at school.

These are the 5 best cooking hacks for busy parents that you can use to make more time for yourself. If we’ve missed a hack that can help a fellow parent, then don’t forget to share it the comments below!

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