4 New age parenting habits that you can adopt

New-age parenting can be quite challenging. You have to deal with trepidation and a lot of pressure!

We understand that balancing your professional life and raising a child is hard. Thus, we would like to suggest to you some cool new-age parenting habits. These will help you choose if you want to be a parent or a friend, or both!

1. Encourage imagination

Earlier, parents used to focus more on academics than anything else. They still do, but they also have come a long way to accepting their children to become what they want to be.

As a new-age parent, you must realise that your child should cultivate individual thinking, imagination and decision-making. Thus, you should encourage your children to be more creative. You can help them in this journey by providing different play sets and other tools that encourage their imagination.

There is no limit to what a child can imagine. But, listening to your children and their imaginary stories help them feel heard, valued and appreciated.

2. Keep it customised and unique

There is no route map for ‘good parenting’! Every family is unique and different, and so are their priorities and goals. Unknowingly, parents often get involved in a competition of parenting. They often get so overwhelmed by what others say about parenting that they forget that every family is different, and so are the children. Hence, you should raise your kids how you want to and, ideally, customise your parenting habits.

Just because the neighbour kid is attending tennis class, your kid should also go for the same is exactly what you must reconsider as a parent. Instead, focus on what your kid likes and enroll him/her into that class. It will help you not to become a momzilla!

3. Teach them the value of ‘no.’

You may have enough money to fulfil most of your child’s dreams and wishes.

However, just because you can buy everything does not mean you should. It will make your child only more demanding and materialistic. Thus, one of the vital new-age parenting habits would be to learn to say ‘no’ to your kid has unending demands.

It will give the child a message that he cannot just have whatever and whenever he wants. This way, your kid will learn to understand the value of things and grow up to be more understanding and tolerant.

4. Do not forget your non-mom self

Parenting is not easy, and your kid requires a lot of your energy, time and affection. However, it does not mean that you completely forget yourself and give up on your ‘me-time’.

While raising a child, you may make some mistakes, which may or may not affect your child. But, if you are constantly anxious about not making any mistakes and bringing up a perfect kid in this world, you will make the kid equally anxious!

Thus, try to take out some time every day and do whatever you loved doing as a girl. You will do your kid and yourself a great favour!

Do you approve of these new-age parenting habits? Let us know in the comment section!

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