4 must-buys for your home this festive season

The festive shopping spree is something you cannot avoid! However, your shopping list may not necessarily only contain new clothes, makeup, home appliances and gifts for your loved ones. Home decor items also make their space on that list!

If you want to give your abode a makeover this year, look for these home decor items this festive season and make the celebrations merrier!

1. Wall art/paintings

Wall art paintings

You may have to finish a lot of work before a long festival holiday. No wonder you hardly have enough time to paint the walls of your home with a fresh coat of colour or fix any damp spots!

However, you can hide any imperfections on the wall just by putting an elaborate wall art or painting! Although they are quick fixes, hanging a painting or wall art is a smart decision that also gives your home a festive vibe. You can choose a wooden or metal wall art and place it on the wall of your living room. Alternatively, you can also buy some colourful paintings and turn your home from drab to fab within a budget!

2. Beautiful chandelier and lamp lights

Beautiful chandelier and lamp lights

During the festive season, we decorate our homes with several lights. However, decorating the outside of the house with string lights is not sufficient. You can bring the festival into your home by buying a dazzling chandelier!

Besides exquisite chandeliers, you can also buy trendy lamp lights in different figures. You will find suitable lamp lights for your room and kid’s room as well. You will see how effortlessly it changes the whole vibe of the house, making it festive-ready!

3. Floating shelf

Floating shelf

Got some cute little home decor items for the festive season but did not know where to showcase them? Well, wall shelves come to your rescue! Currently, the floating wall shelves are trending, and they look beautiful on the walls and do not take up much space.

Besides keeping some decor pieces, you can also create a corner for worship! Keep some artificial flowers and a candle holder on the side for a complete look.

Depending on the theme of your home, you can choose a wall shelf of different shapes, colours and materials.

4. Indoor plants

Indoor plants

A touch of nature makes any festival even more special. Have you seen how beautiful a perfectly lit garden looks at night? Adding more greens to your indoors instantly makes it livelier and more peaceful!

During the festive season, with guests coming over and attending back-to-back functions, it leaves little room for rest. But by bringing plants inside, we help generate powerful soothing effects and end up feeling more active.

Artificial plants are always there. However, if you want to bring original plant babies to your home this festive season, look for plants that are easy to maintain and are perfect for indoor conditions! All you need are some colourful planters for a more decorative approach!

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Which of these home decor items for the festive season would you pick for your place? Let us know in the comments below!

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